Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Yamaha Electone Concours & Festival 2008

29 June 2008 @ Plenary Theatre, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Thanks to PuiYee, I went to KLCC again to watch talented young kids and teenagers perform their own song/arrangement on Electone. This is the National Finals of Yamaha Electone Concours and Festival 2008!

Besides me and PuiYee, another primary classmate of mine, PengThian was there too. PuiYee also invited her online buddy, ShenHui to join the fun. Lucky me to have three girls accompanying me to watch the performances. =P

ShenHui, PengThian, PuiYee, Me

The Concours & Festival started at 3.30pm introducing all the participants. The Junior Section and Open Age Section are in the Concours Category while Open Solo Section and Free-Style Section are in the Festival Category.

Junior Section

Open Age Section

Open Solo Section

Free Style Section

All the finalists are aged as young as 8 to 22. And they are all exceptionally talented, composing their own songs and rearranged some famous pieces from Mozart and Andoh. My jaws dropped when I watch them play.

The stage - Clavinova Piano, two Stagea Custom, Bass Guitar, Drum Set

The event ended with prize giving ceremony and the winners of Junior Section and Open Age Section will represent Malaysia to the Asian Electone Festival in Indonesia.

Junior Section:
Grand Prix Award - Adriana Chiew (9), Mountain Dance [pic below]

Distinguish Award - Mai Wen Qi (11), Cheese On Mouse

Adriana Chiew

Open Age Section:
Grand Prix Award - Lily Tan (21), Cypher [pic below]

Distinguish Award - Ruth Tan (19), Beyond the Horizon

Lily Tan

Open Solo Section:
Outstanding Award - Tee Hoong Keat (14), Pirates of the Carribean

Outstanding Award - Wong Yik Chin (11), Oriental

Free-Style Section (Group with at least one Electone):
Outstanding Award - Muse Mob, Jyonetsu Tairiku

Outstanding Award - Thirysixer, Spain

Best Costumes - Group Passion who performed Stupid Cupid

Best Entertainer - Dinah (The Unknown) who sang Sway [pic below]

I rooted for Adriana and Lily and they won! Yamaha should invite me to be next year's judge lah. Hehe...

Kudos to all the finalist and good luck to Adriana and Lily in representing Malaysia in Indonesia in August. Here're two videos from Outstanding Award winner Muse Mob and Best Costume Award Winner Passion. Enjoy!

Last but not least, Happy Burstday to PuiYee. Sorry for the last minute wish. May you have a great day everyday! Billy, out.


puiyeel said...

The concours was totally awesome!
Glad u could make it to go this year, i can't wait till nx year's already!

Thanks a lot for the wishes and the breads. They actually fed me for another of breakfast and dinner. =P

Billy said...


Wah, the bread can keep so long ah? haha... =P

Jessica said...

i think i spotted a super-duper rounded-face. FAT-alert! LOL

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