Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lunch at Orchidee Angkor Restaurant

3 June 2008 @ Siem Reap, Cambodia

We have no idea where to take our lunch on our second day in Cambodia, so Sovoeun took us to this restaurant, Orchidee Angkor Restaurant [I hope I got the name correctly 'coz the writing on my note is blurred]

Lok Lak Beef

Fried Mix Vegetables

Amok Fish

We ordered 3 dishes to go with a plate of rice for each of us. Taste not bad though.

Cold coconut water is the best drink in the world after walking under the big happy sun whole morning.

Time for a nap after lunch. More temples to visit in the evening. Billy, out.

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Yun Yi said...


so long d never eat fried veggie =(

Billy said...

[yun yi]
we ate fried veggie almost every alternate days.. 'coz there wasn't much variety of green veggies on the menu...

Darren said...

Enjoy your trip!=)

Yun Yi said...

u must be jelak of it liao XD
I should have learn how to cook properly b4 coming here~~~~

Billy said...

Err... darren, I've came back from my trip already. Haha... I think my last sentence is a bit misleading...

[yun yi]
a bit jelak lar.. but even you order fried mix veggie, you may get different combination one. Like the one in this post, there're french fries in it. Haha...

You can cook.... ramyeon what. =P

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