Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Floating Village

4 June 2008 @ Tonle Sap, Cambodia

The Tonle Sap lake or known as Large Fresh Water River by the Cambodians, is the largest fresh water lake in South East Asia. Here lies the Floating Village of Cambodia.

After visiting so many temples during the day, we decided to catch on something different, a visit to the Floating Village at Tonle Sap. [Price: US$10 per person]

On the way to the jetty, MinBee shot this scene. Beautiful ain't it?

Reached the jetty. The four of us took one of the boats and head towards the lake. Along the narrow river, we saw floating schools, floating church, floating basketball court and many floating houses. Even some of the villagers are floating on the water.

school children paddling back home

All of a sudden, the sky turned dark and heavy rain started falling. We got ourselves all wet before we reach the place where we're supposed to stop.

soaked & happy

saw a palm civet at the restaurant

and also a live crocodile

The rain finally stopped and we decided to tour around the village before heading back. We thought we can see the sunset but the sky disappoint us again.

One big happy family dining in a little floating house

Saw this kid on a basin without his left arm. Poor fella...

The second part of this journey is about the unforgettable experience on the way back to town. Took us 2 hours to get outta there! I'll update part 2 pretty soon. Billy, out.

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eunice said...

Very nice n interesting shots n articles about Cambodia! :D

KOKahKOK said...

the kid didnt ask for "sir 1 dollar....pls..."


Billy said...

thanks =)

Haha.. the famous quote from the Cambodian kids..
I think he did but he's nowhere near our boat, so he didn't beg from us. =P

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