Thursday, January 05, 2012

Uhm.. New Year Resolution?

It's the time of the year again where people drink and celebrate because the last digit on our date has flicked to a new number!

On new year eves, I used to head down to KL with my buddies to join thousands of other crazy people to spray foams onto strangers and cars that passed by. And making sure everyone is soaked in foams before leaving the scene.

[Photo Source: Bobby K Entertainment]

There will be performance by some famous artistes too but you might need to use a snorkel if you don't want to be suffocated by smells of armpits (that is if you're shorter than an average person).

There's another thing that people often do at this time of the year - Making New Year Resolution.

The most common all time favourite number one resolution is to lose weight / shed some pounds / get a 6 packs / control diet blah blah blah...

The will probably lasted a month or two, then goes back to the usual routine. Half way through the year you realized you're putting on weight again, so you tried eating lesser but here comes Hari Raya Open House, Gathering with friends, Christmas Feast... and at the end of the year, you weigh yourself and you start to make new year resolutions again.

[Photo Source: Art Jonak G+ Photo]

That's the reason why I never make any new year resolution.

However, this year, I feel like joining the crowd by stepping into the unbreakable cycle of new year resolution! I need to hit the gym more often from now on and I wonder how long this will last.

Perhaps people should just be grateful that they are still living in this world. We may not get another chance to celebrate the next new year if 2012 phenomenon is true. (Believe it or not, this 2012 thingy is recorded in Wikipedia!)

Though a little late, I still want to wish everyone who read this post a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012! May you breakaway from the curse of the resolution chain cycle. Billy, out.
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