Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Burstday to Me [Wave 1]

1 December 2010 @ Office

My earliest birthday celebration this year was in my very own office. It was a joint celebration with those who were born in the last quarter of the year.

We ordered some briyani rice and some lauk for lunch and it just made the rest of my day very very sleepy... But I loved the food tho.

D' Cake

D' birthday team - including my GM

D' Food and D' Gift

My gift

This time around, we got a more decent looking cup as birthday gift from the members in my office. Thanks Kak Leha and everyone from ITAIC.

5 December 2010 @ Subang Jaya

Second birthday treat was also a joint birthday celebration with JooLi's brother-in-law, Colin. We stuffed ourselves with so much food at the steamboat buffet until my tummy almost burst. Haha..

Birthday Boys

Murdering my cake

JooNa, Colin, Me & JooLi

I've got... a tee, a tumbler and a bag with cologne + deodorant

7 December 2010 @ Pizza Uno, Centrepoint

The 3rd round I had with my friends from my company. For the first time ever, so many of them came to celebrate with me. Good thing I suggested to celebrate earlier when everyone is still in town.

The food is pretty good for the price we pay for. Definitely will go again if there's any occasion to celebrate. =)

Pastas, Pizzas... my favs *slurpz*

cutting my third cake

Me, JooLi, Wilson, Jacky, Mike, Cheryl, Eugene, HanChin, WoonLee

That's not all yet. Still got more food and cake and presents to come... Stay tune! And Happy Burstday to myself! Billy, out.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

KoonFook and PekHar Tied The Knot

17 November 2010 @ Kuala Lumpur

After making us wait for almost one whole year, my cousin KoonFook and PekHar finally had their wedding ceremony and reception held. My aunt and uncle flew all the way back from Canada to witness this special day.

Aunt and uncle from Canada + almost all my cousins

While waiting for the groom to get home with his bride, I went around snapping photos of course. Most of 'em featuring the latest addition to the family - PeiLing! She's my aunt's first grandkid.

Cute PeiLing

The lovebirds came home around noon time and they had the usual prayers and tea ceremony. The couple hired a Dai Kam Jie (Wedding Chaperone) to do all the talking. The ceremony was quite amusing in a way; from drinking tea using a big bowl instead of little cups to hailing the bouquet for prosperity.

Groom kissing the Bride in their room

Here's a video on how the Dai Kam Jie sing before the actual tea ceremony begins. First time seeing this.

Later in the evening, we went home to dress up for the reception. Everyone was gorgeous that evening. =)

Dressed to Kill

I was told to sit with my granduncle's family whom I've never really met. Found out that they're quite nice people and one of their sons' name is almost the same as MINE!!

Bride and Groom Marching In

The food was slightly let down so I ain't posting any pictures of the food.

Group photo

Congratulations to KoonFook and PekHar. Wish them well and hope to see a niece or nephew soon. Hehehe... Billy, out.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Congratulations to ShuYun & Jason

7 November 2010 @ Woo Ga Chon Restaurant

ShinKeat organized a little gathering to meet up with ShuYun before her big day, but most people were not able to make it that day. But the show must go on!

We went to Woo Ga Chon Restaurant near Jalan Ampang to have authentic Korean cuisine. I ordered Naeng Myeon (Cold Noodles) which is hardly found in any other commercialized Korean shop. Yummie!! Tho I can't finish the whole big bowl of noodles.. a bit jelak. =P

ChauLun, Me, ShinKeat, ShuYun

In early December, ShuYun and Jason finally tied the knot. Too bad I can't attend their wedding reception at Kuching and JB.

Well, I wish them all the best in their future undertakings together as husband and wife and quickly have kids to build their happy family. Hahaha... Don't know what I'm crapping lah. Once again congrats to the Big Sister at Korea. Billy, out.

Note: Wedding photo courtesy of ShuYun's FB page.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Winter Solstice

22 December 2010 @ My House

It's the once a year thing to eat Tang Yuan again. Yup, it's Winter Solstice.

The roads were so congested and people were driving so recklessly tonight. Yes everyone was rushing home for the dinner with their families but how fast can you go by squeezing into the tiny space between 2 cars? Better be safe than sorry lah peepz...

Okay, back to the story. By the time I reached home, my family just started with the steamboat dinner. Dropped my bags and joined them at the dining table. Yummz!!

Last but not least, we had colourful Tang Yuan for dessert. Nom Nom Nom~ I like Tang Yuan. Wishing all my readers Happy Dong Zhi and may you have a "round" (united) family. 冬至快乐!Billy, out.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Melaka Foodies

17 October 2010 @ Melaka

The second day of Melaka trip was mostly filled with food, food, food.

For our lunch, we decided to head for the Peranakan Food at the famous Makko Restaurant at Melaka Raya. We had to wait a some time before getting a place to sit.

The main entrance

Since it was my first time having some real Nyonya food, we ordered quite a number of dishes...

Chap Chai

Ayam Pongteh

Ayam Buah Keluak [Didn't like the buah]

Kangkung Belacan

Sambal Petai Udang

Ikan Goreng Cili Garam

Satay Celup for dinner

O-Chien (Fried oyster) for supper

and Wan Tan Mee for supper

Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom! Nom! So much good food in Melaka, so much Calories consumed.... Time for more intensive workout! Billy, out.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Melaka Family Trip

16 October 2010 @ Melaka

It's been really really long that my whole family go on a holiday together. Well, since my brother just finish sitting for his PMR exam, I suggested to go on a short family trip as a reward for my little brother. And so, Melaka we went!

First thing we had there was the famous chicken rice balls. Nothing spectacular, it's just normal rice compressed into the shape of a ball. It's a good kick-start for our trip though.

Right after lunch, we headed to Bukit Rambai for the bestest most delicious Melaka cendol in the whole wide world.

It's operated by JooLi's grandaunt at her own house compound. She only opens on weekends around noon time and her cendol would sold out in just 2 hours! Siapa cepat dia dapat!

It's time for some historical walk as my brother has never been to A-Famosa. Sad right?

It wasn't my first time there, so I just walk casually and shoot some photos along the way. Don't wanna post too many photos here also. If you need A-Famosa photos, just google them ok?

From St. Paul Hill to the Red House and Stadhuys... It's really jam packed with people on weekends.

From the red house to the fortress with lotsa cannons. And my brother trying to be a human cannonball??

As we walked around, I found that quite a lot of places have been renovated and cleaned up. The longkang is not so smelly now. There are nice pathways for people to walk, sit, and enjoy the scenery. More hotels are coming up... etc etc.

My dad paid for my 2 brothers to get into The Maritime Museum aka The Ship as everyone would call it. A famous landmark if you've been to Melaka.

Later on, I found out that their tickets are entitled to get into 2 other museums as well. One of them is the Navy Museum (Muzium Tentera Laut). I've always bypass this big battleship [pic below] and wondered if I could get in there.

And my whole family went into the museum with just 2 tickets! Hahaha....

There were some boring display of uniforms and stuffs which I don't remember. The only part that intrigued me was the helicopter in the centre of the building and the battleships outside the building.

My brother playing with the guns

The Helicopter and I

FIGHT!!! [on battleship]

Don't move!

We had more fun playing with the guns and weapons than reading those boring stuffs. At least I get to see something new this time. Hehehe... More food photos to be posted up soon. Billy, out.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Guangzhou Asian Games Badges

I have been following quite closely with the ongoing Asian Games in Guangzhou, especially those sports that involve Malaysians.

This morning, when I was browsing through the Asian Games 2010 official website, I saw a short article on the limited edition Asian Games Volunteer Badges. And it's getting really popular amongst the Chinese volunteers for this Asian Games in Guangzhou.

These badges are distributed based on a point redemption system. Volunteers have to clock in and out of their service hours and earn points. So, the more hours he/she serve, the more points he/she has and the more badges he/she can redeem!

I think this is an excellent way to motivate the volunteers to work harder to make the event a success. Not only that, volunteers see these badges as a proof of hard work and honour for all the volunteering hours.

2 Chinese volunteers showing off their colourful badges

I reckon these badges can be really cool collectibles. I don't mind owning a set of 'em. Anybody from China care to donate to me? *grins widely* Billy, out.

Reference & Photos taken from:
1. Guangzhou Asian Games 2010 Official Website

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Burstday Jacky & Happy Friendship Anniversary

18 Sept 2010 @ My Place

It was Jacky's birthday, it was also our 2nd friendship anniversary aka Start-Work-In-TM anniversary. Blarh, just giving some excuses for the TM Gang to spend some chitty chatty time together. But too bad Cheryl and Eugene can't make it to my house AGAIN.

I volunteered to host the party and we had BBQ that night! Oh look at those glorious food!!!

Nuggets, Stuffed Pita, Pork, Squids, Chicken Wings, Sausages, Crab Balls, Corns and POTATO

Starting the fire

OMG I lurve this - Pita bread stuffed with bacon chips and cheeeeeeese

"Here Mike, have a crab ball"
"Thanks William, I'll take the whole stick"

Everyone's full, we went into the house for some exercise. Mouth exercise I mean. KARAOKE!! Even Mr. "Shy" Sim dish out a couple of numbers.

Last but not least, the cake cutting ceremony and dessert time. Where are my choconilla ice-cream photos?! No photos.... =(

Birthday boy and his girlfriend

Group picture

Another fun night hanging out with the gang. Special thanks to WoonLee and HanChin for the coleslaw and buying the cake. Billy, out.
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