Wednesday, December 29, 2010

KoonFook and PekHar Tied The Knot

17 November 2010 @ Kuala Lumpur

After making us wait for almost one whole year, my cousin KoonFook and PekHar finally had their wedding ceremony and reception held. My aunt and uncle flew all the way back from Canada to witness this special day.

Aunt and uncle from Canada + almost all my cousins

While waiting for the groom to get home with his bride, I went around snapping photos of course. Most of 'em featuring the latest addition to the family - PeiLing! She's my aunt's first grandkid.

Cute PeiLing

The lovebirds came home around noon time and they had the usual prayers and tea ceremony. The couple hired a Dai Kam Jie (Wedding Chaperone) to do all the talking. The ceremony was quite amusing in a way; from drinking tea using a big bowl instead of little cups to hailing the bouquet for prosperity.

Groom kissing the Bride in their room

Here's a video on how the Dai Kam Jie sing before the actual tea ceremony begins. First time seeing this.

Later in the evening, we went home to dress up for the reception. Everyone was gorgeous that evening. =)

Dressed to Kill

I was told to sit with my granduncle's family whom I've never really met. Found out that they're quite nice people and one of their sons' name is almost the same as MINE!!

Bride and Groom Marching In

The food was slightly let down so I ain't posting any pictures of the food.

Group photo

Congratulations to KoonFook and PekHar. Wish them well and hope to see a niece or nephew soon. Hehehe... Billy, out.

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