Friday, December 29, 2006

Study Week

This week is my study week. I am suppose to study for my final exam. But what have I studied? Nothing. It was my last assignment's due date on 26th December, the day after Christmas. So, basically, I didn't have much christmas mood this year. Just went out for dinner with friends on the Christmas eve, then it's back to the assignment.

I thought that I can have better sleep these few days but I think I was wrong. Haha.. On Wednesday, all my friends have passed up all assignments and they decided to go for a movie to relax ourselves. So, we went to watch "Eragon" at The Mines. It's a tale about dragons and dragon riders. Many friends have told me that it's not worth watching but I think that it wasn't that bad after all. Hehe.. After the show was about 1.30am. We went to Sri Petaling for Dim Sum dinper [dinner + supper] and spend RM70++ for the food. I quite enjoyed the food as I have not eaten dim sum for a long time. So right after that, we decide to go to the cyber cafe beside the shop. Guess what, this is the first time I actually played a game at cc. [I know, I know, I'm lame =P] So we played some games for 3 hours. By the time we finished, it's almost 6am already. I reached back Cyberjaya, took a quick bath and sleep at 7.30am.

I got a wake up call by Iris at 8.50am. [What?! I sleep for 1hour++ only!] Actually it was the prize giving day for CodePlay, the game programming competition. I was suppose to be there at 9.30am and the ceremony will start at 10am. Leong Kee won the first prize! Congratulations!! [Must belanja makan lar] It finished at 11am, continued with 2 meetings after that. Took a simple lunch and went back to nap for 2 hours. [2 hours only?] Yeah, because today [28 December] is Kuan's birthday. Based on his tradition, he'll treat his friends a meal on his birthday. So, we get free pizza dinner at MidValley. Hehe.. After dinner, we went to Sunway to watch "Conffesion of Pain" (伤城). So here I am, just reach back Cyberjaya and blogging again after a long rest due to the heavy assignments and tests recently.

More events are in the planning for the next few days. Haha.. Guess my study week has just turned into a semester break. Hehe.. Geesh, I need to spare some time to study for my exam soon. Wish me luck! =P I gotta go to bed now. I've been sleeping very very little these few days. Billy, out.

P/S: Congrats to Kuan and Bee =P
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