Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Langkawi with B&Bs - Water, Eagles & Drinks

17 June 2012 @ Langkawi

Day 3 started with a boom! A heavy self-cooked breakfast! I lurve breakfasts~

After a pretty long discussion, we decided to go on the island hopping trip.

First stop - Pulau Dayang Bunting
*Beware of the monkeys. Don't bring plastic bags.*


Eddie and LeongKee rented a paddle boat to go around the lake while the rest of us just laze at the platform.

Second stop - Watch eagle feeding
A rare sight but it wasn't very exciting as we could only watch from far.

Third stop - Pulau Beras Basah

We spent the most time here (I think). LeongKee went on to try parasailing!

While the remaining of us soaked ourselves in the water.

And then... the guys got bored and started throwing each other up in the air doing air-crobats.

The island hopping trip lasted only half a day. So, we headed on to Pantai Cenang to take a stroll. It is a long stretch of beach and some parts weren't very clean.

We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant at Pantai Cenang and went for a drink at a bar that operates next to the beach.

The ambiance was romantic but the place was hot like sauna. There were no wind at all....

18 June 2012 @ Langkawi

There were nothing much to do left on the final day.
We went shopping, shopping and shopping for some last minute chocolates and alchohols.

Then headed straight to the airport and bid farewell to the cheap-choco-land.

Though it's just a short trip, I had plenty of fun hanging out with my good friends. I really hope we can do this more often, break away from our work and enjoy our lives for a while. Billy, out.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Langkawi with B&Bs - Finally I Rode on the Cable Car!

16 June 2012 @ Langkawi 

Second day in Langkawi started off early and hoping that there won't be any rain or strong winds because we're going to ride the cable car!

The last time I went there was closed for maintenance and bad weather condition. Sigh.

On the way to Cable Car base station, we dropped by a quay for some quick photos. We didn't stay long as the glare of the sun was unbearable.

Following a tip from the owner of our apartment, we managed to get cheaper tickets from a man sitting just outside the cable car base station.

The queue to get up was very long but it's all worth the wait. The scenery from the top was breath-taking.

Sitting in the longest free span single rope cable car in Malaysia was indeed a little creepy. I tried to stay calm and relax throughout the journey while my cable-car-mate MinBee were busy recording her excitement.

When we reached the top, we saw the sign saying Skybridge is closed for maintenance. Sigh, what a waste. Not sure if I'll be tremoring myself again to see the Skybridge next time I go to Langkawi.

The next destination was Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells), just a couple minutes drive from Cable Car base station.

But to reach and see the water, one must first go through the hurdle of hundreds of steps. Up, Up and Away!

At the very top of the steps, there were several shallow pools where people can dip in. The water from the mountain is very cooling and refreshing.

After a long hot day, all of us (except Mr. Solid) changed into our swim wear and dipped into the water.

You have to be careful if you want to go into the water, because some of the rocks were full of molds and it can be very slippery and dangerous.

Filling up our tummy is another important agenda.

I brought the gang to this stall next to the airport (found out about this place during the team building event with my company).

We had lots of cendolsss, lots of laksaaaaa and lots of rojakssssssss! Yummy!

We headed back to our villa after that and went for another round of dipping at the swimming pool. This time around, Solid joined in and I was surprised that he could float on water so easily.

Later in the evening, we went out again for dinner. We had some simple Chinese style dishes at Kuah town.

There's nothing much to do at night. We had some drinks and played Dixit courtesy of Eddie. A highly recommended card game for those with a creative story-telling mind. Billy, out.

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