Friday, March 25, 2011

V-Day at Rakuzen

8 February 2011 @ Rakuzen, Sri Hartamas

Both of us were still on leave for Chinese New Year that week, so decided to have an early celebration for Valentine's Day. We wanted to dine at Rakuzen in Subang for my birthday but the queue was so long that we didn't want to wait.

So this time, we headed to the one at Sri Hartamas. Trying to explore new place for me as well. Hardly have any chance to drive around that area.

Getting there wasn't much a problem. We managed to find the shop in Hartamas Shopping Centre easily.

We got ourselves a cozy little private cubicle and the ambience is just nice.

Unagi Rice for her

Mixed sashimi rice for him

Salmon Sushi Roll for us

Oh gosh, the food served is super duper yummy. I love my sashimi a whole lot coz' their ingredients are very very fresh.

That's us!

8 February 2011 @ Alexis, Bangsar

Wanted to go for second round for a drink. But got stranded for a while at Mont Kiara trying to find the cafe I found online.

Plan changed! Plan B was to go to Alexis in Bangsar, a place where we've always wanted to go to too!

From the entrance, you'll be able to see assorted cakes lining up and all of 'em are calling at you "Eat me! Eat me!" Geesh, really feel like eating all of 'em. Hehe...

We went upstairs to find a place to sit and ordered a cake and drinks. The set up on upstairs is way much calmer. Probably because we got the whole place by ourselves!

Delicious Pavlova Cake

Gorgeous and Me

Simple and wonderful evening with my loved one. Happy Valentine's Day. =) Billy, out.
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