Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm Frictionally Unemployed

24 May 2008 @ MMU, Cyberjaya

YES! I'm free!
NO! I'm jobless!

Took some photos with my dear mates in MMU right after my final paper.

JetSon [don't really know him], Teresa, Daniel, Denise, some foreign guy whom I've been having class with him for 3 years but never know his name

SS-ing with 2 leng luis, Teresa and Jessica [someone should thank me for making her less ugly]

Me and the brain of ISE, Daniel

Me and KeatMeng [Multimedia Technology Management major]

ISE-ians with an intruder: Me, Patrick, Jessica [the intruder], Teresa and WeiHock

The girls are dreaming of convocation already

Someone is missing from the photos....

I'd like to wish all my fellow friends all the best in their undertakings in the future, whether you want to excel in your job, or be the best goyang-kaki-er in town, or sitting in the couch fantasizing your CEO dream.

Good luck. Don't forget me. Keep in touch. Billy, out.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

24 May 2008 @ Cineleisure, Mutiara Damansara

It's a very memorable day. It marks the end of my tertiary education. It also marks the day I had the worst exam in my entire life. Let's cut the crap and talk about the movie.

Right after the final paper, a whole group of us, mostly my coursemates, decided to had a pleasant dinner together and catch a movie. So we went down to Mutiara Damansara for dinner and watched Indiana Jones 4 at Cineleisure.

Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr. played by Harrison Ford

This movie is the forth series of Indiana Jones. The previous three were filmed in the 80's. So, it's a classic adventure movie directed by the reknowned Steven Spielberg.

Henry "Mutt" Williams played by Shia LaBeouf

Irina Spalko played by Cate Blanchett

I think it's another great movie to catch if you're looking for actions, adventures, solving mysteries and a little humour. The most exciting part starts from where Indiana Jones, Marion and Mutt got chased by Irina and her gang. [especially when they provoked millions of flesh-eating army ants]

Jones holding a Rocket Launcher! And he's going to fire it!

It's not quicksand, it's .... [you'll know what Jones' phobia is in this scene]

They saw something really scary

I gave this movie a very good rating because it kept me from falling aseleep in the 2 hours movie. And I didn't realize the show is going to end until I looked at my watch. It's very classic yet exciting and entertaining.

Give this movie a go while it's still on the silver screen and don't miss it. Billy, out.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Bill or William

Many people asked, "Why Billy?" or "Is your name Billy or William?".

I've faced this question a thousand times, and I bet some of you have already know the answer. Anyhow, I'll explain once again.

My name is Wei Liam, as in my real name printed on IC.

So naturally, my English name would be William. Now, why on earth I want to change my name to Billy?

Here's why. William is Bill and Bill is Billy and Billy is William. They are the same! Bill is just a nickname for William. You can check out wikipedia or to clarify.

Bill Gates

Do you know Bill Gates, the famous Microsoft guy? His real name is William Henry Gates III. Usually in the United States, people prefer to use nickname instead of their real name.

On the other hand, UK people would prefer to use their real name, like Prince William [the firstborn son of the current prince of Wales] and William Shakespeare.

Prince William of Wales

Back to my name, I've been using Bill since very young. But I don't really like it because it sounds like electricity bill and your restaurant bill. So, not many people call me Bill except my family and my primary school's best friend's father.

Years later, I feel that Bill is not a bad name afterall. One good thing about it is that Bill is less common compared to William, which is in the top 5 most used names in US.

The not-so-rich and not-so-famous William

Well, you can call me William, Bill, Billy, Will, Liam, Willy, Wei or simply WeiLiam. But hopefully I won't be hearing anyone calling me Ah Lian.

I'm a protector! Billy, out.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Little Vietnam

19 May 2008 @ Little Vietnam, Midvalley

Before we watch Prince Caspian, we had dinner at Little Vietnam. It is situated on the 3rd floor [top floor].

This is my second time having Vietnamese food. First time was at a hawker stall in Puchong just the day before I went to Little Vietnam.

Beef Stew with Rice, smells really nice [eh? it rhymes]

Chargrilled Lemongrass Chicken Rice

Cold Vermicelli with Vietnamese Chicken Sausage and Spring Roll

Vietnamese 5-coloured Mixed Rice [looks like Korean's Bibimbap]

I ordered the 5-coloured Mixed Rice and it's really special. There're celeries, prawn crackers, lotus seed, star fruit, le-tooce lettuce and some crunched peanuts. Oh, and of course there're rice to mix everything together before you eat.

And if you're a coffee lover, do try out their Vietnamese coffee specially brewed right in front of you through a stainless steel filter sitting on top of your glass.

Looks pretty cool but me no coffee lover, so don't ask me about the taste. Smells not bad though.

I was quite satisfied with the overall food in here. They also let you refill you tea unlimited times [if you order tea lah]. Not a bad place to dine if you're looking for a change of taste. Billy, out.

p.s. sorry for the poor quality of photos =P

Thursday, May 22, 2008


Recently, there's this Big Mac Chant that gives you a chance to win a free Big Mac after you bought a value meal in McDonald's. All you have to do is to recite the given chant in 4 seconds or less.

Two all beef patties,
Special sauce, LETTUCE,
Cheese, Pickles, Onions,
On a sesame seed bun.

If you can read it aloud within 4 seconds, the Big Mac is yours!

At the same time, McDonald's is also organizing an online contest in collaboration with Nuffnang.

All you need to do is to record a video of yourself doing the BigMac chant as creatively as possible, upload the video and make people vote for you. The grand prize for this simple contest is RM10,000!

Here's one of the videos submitted and my friend, WeiHock is one of the actors. So, do vote for this video at the website!

While browsing through some of the videos for the past 3 weeks, I found that some of the videos are quite amusing. I was amazed how a word can be spoken in so many ways.


Lettes, letter, leh*mumbling*, let-cheese, le-tooce?

The phonetics for this word is [ 'letis ]. In case you do not know how to read it, you can check out or to listen to the right way of pronouncing lettuce. [mouse over the word at both websites to listen]

If you're going to record a video for the BigMac chant, make sure you say it properly then. Oh, one more thing, I love to eat le-tooce. Oopz. Billy, out.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

19 May 2008 @ GSC, Midvalley

Once again the backpackers of the trip set out to get all the necessities for the journey. After spending hundreds of ringgit on the stuffs, we head on for a movie.

Here it is, the long-awaited second series of The Chornicles of Narnia, Prince Caspian.

This is yet another fantasy epic film, based on the novel written by C.S. Lewis. [Oh, I just love fantasy epic movies] The story begins with Prince Caspian fleeing from his own castle as wars and duel began, to fight for freedom and the throne.

Lucy, Peter, Prince Caspian, Susan, Edmund [the kings and the queens]

The four kids kings and queens were summoned back to Narnia cluelessly, without knowing that they're there for a very important mission.

Thus, the four set out on the adventure and eventually met up with Prince Caspian in the woods to find out what has happened in Narnia for the past 1300 years.

Centaurs [and many other Narnian creatures ready for battle]

Many things happened after that, but I guess I'm not going to reveal too much about it. One thing I can tell is that it's another action-packed film with a little humour to ease the nerves.

Ready, Aim, Shoot! [Susan leading an army of archers]

The war in the this film was different from the first series of Narnia. As it is in most movies, the good guys were usually outnumbered by the bad guys. So, the protagonists have to come out with brilliant ideas to kill efficiently.
[efficient: using least resources to accomplish goals] =P

Sadly, two of the siblings are not going to return to Narnia ever. Who? You have to watch the movie to know then. Another great movie. Billy, out.

Photo source: Narnia Official Website &

Monday, May 19, 2008

New Theme, New Life

Finally! Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you my new banner and blog's theme.

My blog existed for almost two years already, since I started blogging in July 2006. But I've been using the same old, boring theme till yesterday.

Bye bye Billy's Blog

I've been looking for the right banner and an idea for the theme for quite some time already. I've serached high and low but never found one that suits my taste.

What really motivated me to change it now is because of YunYi. She changed her blog's theme yesterday and she urged me to change too. So, I started working on it for the whole night and wua-lah, here it is.

As promised, YunYi made me a banner. And she gave me lots of advices on how to mix and match the colours on my blog. So, she's the big contributor to my new theme. THANKS, YunYi, from the bottom of my heart! [I really like the banner]

Hello, Philosophy of Life

Back to my blog, it's a black, blue and orange theme. And I changed my blog title to "Philosophy of Life" because I'm a philosopher I've been using this quote everytime I crapped with my friends and I've my certain point of view about life.

I've actually posted some philosophies of mine previously, and more to come in the future.

  • To enjoy your life and live it to the fullest.
  • To rejuvenate and breakaway from the hustle and bustle of life.
  • To remember all the happy moments you had in life.

Hope you guys like my new theme. Billy, out.

Note: Please take the poll on your right. Thanks.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The -er and The -ee

Warning: The content of this post may not be suitable for kids under 18 years old or adults with blain that's below 18 years old.

Do you know what is the difference between -er and -ee when you add them to the back of some particular verbs?

For instance:

Trainer and trainee

Interviewer and interviewee

The word that really catches my attention is "fucker".

When someone is mad and scolded the other party "fucker", I thought shouldn't he use "fuckee" instead? Just wondering... Billy, out.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

I know, I know... I'm lame.

Yes, I just watched these three blockbuster movies during my study week [instead of studying].

LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring [2001]

The first movie of the trilogy was screened about seven years back. I don't go for movies that often back then and even when I had the chance to go to the cinema with a friend, I wouldn't choose to watch Lord of the Rings.

Why? I just don't think it'll be nice to watch. Guessed that I was wrong then.

LOTR: The Two Towers [2002]

All the three films were connected to form a very long story. This live action fantasy epic film is all about a ring, the One Ring. And the quest of a group of people called the "Fellowship of the Ring" to bring the ring to destruction only in the lava of Mount Doom.

The evil ring has caused a lot of death, betrayal, pain and wars to the people in Middle Earth.

LOTR: The Return of the King [2003]

I really like this movie a lot because it is not only action-packed, it shows friendships, love, bravery, hope, determination and trust.

The wars are heart throbbing and exciting as the good guys were often outnumbered by the bad ones. But the spirit of not giving up always turn the table around, from a losing battle to a grand victory. So, we must never give up hope.

Who will ever forget Gollum [Sméagol], the traitor "Preh-shiusss.."

The brave one, the one and only, Frodo Baggins [played by Elijah Wood] I respect his determination to reach Mount Doom.

One of my favourite characters in the movie, Samwise "Sam" Gamgee. He's the only true companion of Frodo from beginning to the end. He's always there for his friend and ever courageous to raise a sword whenever Frodo is in danger. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Though total watching time is near to 10 hours, it is totally worth it. I can say that it is the best and most satisfying movie I've seen thus far.

People who hasn't watch it should really check it out. [but I think not many people are as lame as me to watch it only after so many years] Billy, out.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Let's Pizza

13 May 2008 @ Alamanda, Putrajaya

All of a sudden, MinBee suggested to go for a pizza dinner and Kuan said his friend recommended Luca's Pizza. So, I say let's go for it.

Luca's Pizza is a relatively new pizza fast food chain in Malaysia. It was established in 2006 by Mr. Luca and several friends.

To date, there are six outlets throughout Malaysia. One of them is situated in Alamanda, Putrajaya. Honestly, I've never heard of it until today.

They have larger bottles of Tabasco sauce

So, we ordered a set meal for 3 to 4 person. The set includes an
EXTRA LARGE pizza [15"], 4 chicken wings OR tiramisu and a bottomless jug of soft drinks.

The chicken wings looks big, smells nice but it's not cooked thoroughly. Probbably because the shop is closing, at 10pm.

The flavour of our pizza is called Sandokan [chicken pastrami, beef pepperoni, pineapples, mushroom]. It was recommended by the staff as we're first-timers there. Here are the rest of the menu.

Mmm... Yummy...

The pizza is really huge! And it's full of cheese on a very thin crust.

I'd say it's the best pizza I've eaten so far, compared to other pizza outlets out there. I like the non-oily thin crust as you can really taste the ingredients on the pizza and not getting stuffed full with a thick layer of crust.

Oh, I love the cheesy-ness on the pizza as well. I like cheese!

For all pizza lovers out there, I highly recommend you to try it out. I'd definitely go again some other time when I crave for pizza. Billy, out.

Luca's Pizza Delivery Number: 1300-88-0848

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom

7 May 2008 @ TGV, KLCC

After a boring round in Petrosains and another yawny visit to the bookstore. We went to watch the Forbidden Kingdom after a long dinner.

Some people said that it's worth a watch, others don't agree. I shall witness with my own eyes.

The story tells about an American teenager who loves chinese kung fu and was sent back to the ancient China. His mission is to get the magical fighting stick back to the Monkey King, who was imprisoned by the evil Jade Warlord.

There were lots of actions and humour along the movie. Well, the fight between Jackie and JetLi was quite interesting.

Here're some pretty nice posters I found, for each main character in the movie.

Jackie was funny as usual. Especially when he bursts out an English conversation all of a sudden with the ang moh.

JetLi was a cheeky monkey. So playful all the time. This is my first time seeing JetLi playing such character, usually he's so cool in movies.

The ang moh who travelled from modern America to ancient China for a special mission.

Ah, the golden sparrow... I love to see her [LiuYiFei] in this movie. Always so calm and cool. Not to forget her lovely tune from her mandolin when she's not fighting.

The evil white haired witch. Meow with a Roar.

I just feel slightly akward with all the ancient chinese people speaking English most of the time. I'd rate it as a pretty good piece to watch. Bravo! Billy, out.

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