Thursday, May 08, 2008

Ironman Movie

6 May 2008 @ Times Square

The main purpose of going Times Square is to buy some stuffs for my trip. And thus, the first place we dropped by is the bag shop.

5pm to 7pm. That's the duration we stayed in the little shop before deciding which backpack bag to buy. 2 FREAKING LONG HOURS!

We then rushed to cure our growling tummies and watched Ironman.

I've not been a cinema for ages, and I really mean it. I think the last movie I watched was CJ7 during Chinese New Year. What to do... academic comes first.

Nevertheless, I did enjoy the show as commented by many people. There's a sprinkle of humour with tonnes of actions and excitements.

Personally, I'd like to see Ironman destroy the whole of Ten Rings terrorist gang. Too bad the story didn't go as I thought.

It's quite a worth of watch I'd say. Grab the chance to watch it while the cinema is still showing. Billy, out.


lclun said...

Did you wait for the credits to roll finish? Because there is something after that ^^

Billy said...

Yea, got the hint from waiseng's blog. Told my friends to wait for the scene after credits. =P

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