Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Worst & The Best Experience at Sakae Sushi

From my previous post, I mentioned that I had a terrible evening at Sakae Sushi Pavilion right? Well, let me tell my story...

When we reached the shop, we were prompted immediately by a staff to usher us to our table, and it has the biggest LCD screen I've ever seen in any Sakae Sushi shop. *excited*

We ordered 2 cups of green tea, 1 bowl of unagi rice and some sushis.

After a while, a waitress brought only ONE cup of tea and told us in Mandarin that they are short of cups and she will bring the second cup later.

We waited...

And waited...

About 15 minutes later, we got our bowl of rice. Second cup of tea was not there yet.

During the whole waiting time, I heard people cancelling their orders, complained that there were no sauce plate and etc. I had a really bad feeling already...

30 minutes passed. Nothing came. We cancelled our remaining dishes and head to the paying counter.

10 minutes at the paying counter we stood, waiting for someone to collect our money. And finally someone came to the counter and we left the shop after paying. Pissed.

They were short of staffs and their servings was so slow and terrible but they never warn any of the customers, letting them wait and wait and wait pointlessly.

Few days later, I went to their website to lodge a complaint for their poor customer service.

After one month or so, I got a surprise call from Sakae Sushi asking whether I receive any apology call/email from the branch manager. I said No. He apologized and escalated this case to another person who is also called William.

He called me and apologized again and promised to give me a RM50 voucher to dine at Sakae Sushi to compensate the bad day I had at Pavilion. Wow, am I excited or what!

2 weeks later, I gave a call to William telling him that I will be going to Sakae Sushi at Bangsar for dinner. He reserved a place for me and had one of his staffs serve us personally.

We ordered some slightly pricey set, which was really good, and some sushis. On top of that, we were given complementary plate of Salmon sashimi and Coconut sorbet! They also gave us mayonaise and sweet soya sauce without requesting for it. And also, our tea were refilled so frequently that the tea will never go below half the cup.

Geesh, I felt like a VIP in the shop man!

After I used my RM50 voucher, I just need to pay an extra RM10 for the most sumptuous and delicious meal I've ever had at Sakae Sushi. Thank you Sakae Sushi! Billy, out.

Updated on 18 March 2010

I went to Sakae Sushi again yesterday. The branch manager recognized me and greeted me. When I asked for my bill, my two green plates sushi were waived of its charges. How lucky I am! =)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It Snowed in KL

25 December 2009 @ Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

We heard that KL was snowing every night at 8pm before Christmas last year. So JooLi and I went to witness the strange phenomenon.

Pavilion shopping mall was crazily crowded. We went Sakae Sushi for dinner before watching the snow. I had my WORST experience in Sakae Sushi ever. Anyway, I think I'll elaborate in my next post.

Before 8pm, everyone gathered at the main entrance. I guess the snow would be coming down there... *DONG!* It strucked 8pm and snow flakes popped outta nowhere at the main entrance!

The people were crazy pushing here and there fighting to taste the snow while some of the visitors were stucked outside trying to get in and some stucked inside trying to get out. Luckily we were at the first floor. *phew*

Then, went to buy a cup of Ice Blended Peppermint Dark Chocolate and go around to snap pictures. Yummmmiezzzz...

It was fun watching snow, from far. And how sakai-s jump up and down seeing chemicals shot out from the ceiling dropping on their head. Hahaha... I took a short video on the snow. If you are sakai enough, can click play to watch. Enjoy!

Billy, out.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Christmas Eve Feast 2009

24 December 2009 @ Aunt Annie's House

It's like an annual thingy to dine at my aunt's place every Christmas eve. She'd cook a feast!

big Christmas tree

Children's table (there's another adult's table not shown here)

This time we have more guests, so the food were doubled up too! Let's start with the edibles!

Baked Cauliflower with lotsa CHEEEEEEEESE

my fav Potato Salad

Pre-packed stuffings


Meat Loaf

Garden Salad with...


Green Apples and Celery Salad


and... ROAST TURKEY with 2 types of stuffings!!

After the feast, we had Christmas songs karaoke session, with a bottle of champagne for the adults and a bottle of children's wine (aka sparkling juice) for the kids.

Last but not least, our desserts - some ice cream with cake and fuits (don't know how to call it).

Count down to Christmas and it's time to Shake your BON BON!

Everybody got up from their chair and dance along with the music. Enjoy the video.

Billy, out.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Are You My Secret Santa?

19 December 2009 @ Bukit OUG

We gathered together on this holy day to.... EXCHANGE PRESENTS!! We had an early Christmas celebration at the boys' house.

Pot Luck - Spaghetti, Pizza, Garlic Bread, Satay, Otak-otak and Potato Salad (I forgot to bring)


Filled up our tummies with loads of food, then it's time for Secret Santa. We had this game last year too. This time, everyone was able to attend and we plus/minus a few of 'em.

1. Eugene got a get-fat-pack from JooLi

2. Mike requested for some nasal decongestion spray. HanChin gave it to him.

3. JooLi's present was a little Thomas Kinkade book, bought by Cheryl.

4. I got a bedsheet from WoonLee

5. WoonLee pulak got a Nescafe Neslo and a roll of film from ME!

6. HanChin asked for Häagen-Dazs and Mike got it for him

7. Sim got a box of chocolates from Uncle Eugene

8. Cheryl's santa Sim bought a sock with lots of goodies for her

Group Pikcha!

Yay! I got a new bedsheet!! That was pretty fun except the present buying part. Hahaha... Billy, out.

Monday, February 08, 2010

Singlish, Modern English or Chimglish?

The video below is very humorous and it tickled my intellect and senses causing me to express myself in laughter. hahaha.

My friend shared this on Facebook and I thought it might worth a mention.

Sometimes I feel like I'm using Lengthyglish in my blog that made people skip through most of the things I wrote. If not, it'll be whole lots of Modern English.

I just hope that I can improve my English a little by writing properly and laugh about how people can't read lettuce. ha. ha. Billy, out.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Triple Birthday Bash

18 December 2009 @ New York New York Deli, 1 Utama

It was my first time dining at New York New York. Have always wanted to try it since Kuan told me he went to the Singapore one more than a year ago.

We had our triple celebration there, a triple birthday bash for Colin (1/12), Bernard (7/12) and myself (30/12).

The food served are mostly pasta, pizza and western. My favz.

My Grilled Salmon with pasta - It's heavenly!

Fish n Chips, Some other pasta and a really big Meat Platter

our cake

our presents

Good food. Lotsa presents. Great companions. Love it. Thanks all for the presents! Oh, and I'll definitely visit this place again. Yummiez~ Billy, out.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

My Surprise Langkawi Vacation (Part 4)

17 November 2009 @ Langkawi Island

...continue from previous post

We had our last breakfast at our hotel. Simple but yummy. =)

We wanted to go to the hot springs in the morning but it wasn't open yet. So we headed to the waterfall at Hutan Lipur Durian Perangin. No durians spotted though...

The shops were not opened yet, 2 ladies were sweeping the leaves and we met the same foreigner that we met at Telaga Tujuh the day before. In short, there were not many people around, yet.

I kinda like the place. There are little huts at the side of the stream. At when we go up the steps, you will see a waterfall.

The waterfall. Not a huge one but it's quite nice.

JooLi and I

We actually wore swimsuits/trunks there wanting to play with the water. But the water was freakingly freezing COLD. I contemplated to take the dip but with little persuasion, I did it. Once your body get used to the temperature, it's quite fun though. No sexy photo of mine ya.

The road from hotel to waterfall was a long straight road, with no cars (too early lah)

We went back to our hotel to pack and checked out. Went to have a simple lunch and returned the car at the airport. That's the end of my Surprise Langkawi Trip!

Bye bye Langkawi (see the red bag? It's full of chocolates!)

To end the post, just wanna show off some of my chocolates and JooLi's.

More Hersey's Kisses to add to my office collection

JooLi's white teddy and her chocolates

My white teddy and my chocolates

The only regret is that I missed seeing someone cry in the cable car riding on the cable car, and all the sudden changes of weather that left us with throbbing headaches. Other than that, it was a really good breakaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. Thanks for the surprise gift, JooLi! Billy, out.
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