Thursday, December 25, 2008

Shhh, I'm Your Secret Santa

11 December 2008 @ Simply Fusion, Jaya One, PJ

Since not everyone can make it to the BBQ Night at my house, we meet up after work at Simply Fusion [again] few days later.

Everyone was there except for Eugene who was in Alor Setar for his work. It'd be a perfect 10 if he can join us that night.

We had dinner before we began the Secret Santa game.

What? What Secret Santa?

It was Eugene's idea to have this game. Each person will be buying a mystery gift to someone that nobody knows beside himself/herself. Eugene's been putting a lot of effort in it, thanks dude! =P

It was a pretty bad day for me. I left my car keys inside the car and locked it. My parents were still out of the country and my brother is out with his friends. The worst thing was, I left the present I bought in the car!

Luckily my brother is kind enough to go back home and take the spare keys to me after a rush dinner with his friends. Hehe.. Thx, bro!

JooLi, WoonLee, Cheryl, ChiaPoh

As soon as I got the spare keys, JooLi drove me back to my office to get my car, while the rest of them waited at the restaurant.

EuHua, Me, Mike, HanChin

WoonLee & Nier

Before we exchange our gifts, we had our desserts, assorted cakes! It comes with the set meal.

chocolate cakes and cheese cakes.. yummy!

The finale of the day, secret santa reveals.

See Cheryl so exited. =P

So, let's start with Cheryl.

Before anyone receives his/her present, he/she has to guess his/her secret santa. So, we began with Cheryl. And she got herself some pretty decent stuffs from The Body Shop from Eugene.

Eugene would be next but since he's not around. His santa has to reveal himself, which is HanChin aka Nier. I think he got him a CD of songs? Correct me if I'm wrong. =P

HanChin secret santa was his best buddy, Jacky. And Jacky bought him some kind of furniture which has not been revealed to date. That was because the thing was not ready yet and he made a gift voucher for HanChin to redeem his gift later on. I'm guessing it must be some kind of rack.

Next, Jacky's secret santa would be ME! He got the biggest present among the rest and everyone thought it must be good stuff. Actually, it's just a big pillow for him to hug and sleep comfortably, since he can sleep anytime anywhere. Haha!

I guessed JooLi was my santarina and I was right! She bought me a very nice money clip with my name CARVED on it! I got that because I requested a lot of money in my email to santa.

Since she can't give me money, she can only give something to hold my money. Very thoughtful and very creative. Thanks JooLi! =)

JooLi wanted something soft and a hug from her santa and her wish came true. ChiaPoh was her santarina and she bought a reindeer soft toy for her plus a hug!

ChiaPoh then received a very very nice namecard holder from Cheryl.

WoonLee wanted a teddy but she got a pooh, from Mike.

Mike got himself a christmas crystal ball from EuHua.

Last but not least, EuHua got a nice mug to put in his office, with lots of candy sticks from WoonLee.

Everyone with their pressies

Everyone got a present, it was a very joyful night. Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas to all my friends! Billy, out.


Borneo Falcon said...

Have a nice holiday and new year

Harmony said...

Having fun eh...

ocean said...

Merry Christmas... Hop u'll visit my blog!!!

sabahking said...

u all 4 guys and 4 girls really enjoy with exchange the gift. Santa will wish you all. Nice to read with ur post.

Billy said...

Same to you! =)

Yup, having lotsa fun. =D

Merry Christmas to you too!

ahem, there're actually 5 guys there. Hehe... Thanks! =P

leo said...

so fast..
i got no time to update my blog.haha..
n the line tooo slow d..

still enjoying my life at muar..i dun wan to go back la...

Julez said...

Hey Diong...I didnt request for something soft la. I wanted anything that could fit down the chimney! Haha...

Glad you liked your present. It cost me a BOMB! Haha

Merry Belated X'mas. ~Hugs~

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