Monday, December 08, 2008

TM Amazing Race - Check In

28 November 2008 @ Regency Hotel, Port Dickson

After all the obstacles and the hassle we have been through, we finally were able to go to Port Dickson to take part in TM Amazing Race 2008!!

Forget the bad stuffs and let's head to PD. We left office early on Friday to start our journey.

See the Minangkabau design on the roof

We stayed at Regency Hotel which is also our starting and ending point.

Before we reach Port Dickson, we stopped at Seremban for lunch, famous siew pao and buying a map of the town. It's essential for us to get the map as none of us are familiar with the roads here.

Swimming pool and restaurant @ Regency Hotel

Once we reach, we checked in to get our t-shirts and freebies. Then move our stuffs into the room.

Someone requested to exchange room with me so that he can stay with his team mate. I reluctantly agreed and I made a good decision. My new room is way better!

See I got an extra single bed with 6 pillows all by myself! =)

That's the living room. The apartment has 5 rooms, with 2 of them on the first floor. Yes, it's a 2-storey studio apartment.

My balcony

The only bad thing about the place is the lift shucks. It's very slow and it can't carry a lot of weight.
View from my balcony

From the balcony, I saw tennis court! Gah, I should have brought along my racquets... Missed playing tennis.

Another view from balcony

After snapping pictures and throwing everything into the rooms, we changed and head for the water!

Cheryl, my colleague and me
[guessed I'm lucky to have a chinese colleague and a chinese superior in my department]

We checked out the sea and as expected, looks pretty dirty. So instead, we swam in the pool.

The pool goes into 9m deep! And I get to play a few times of human cannonball! Don't know why I like to jump into the pool nowadays.

After bathing, we went down again for dinner.

There were also these annoying bunch of people playing the traditional Negeri Sembilan music, Caklempong. [we get to play this in one of our tasks in the race]

Dinner is served and it's buffet style. Though the food looks very tempting but it wasn't as tasty as its look is. The best one I think is the honeydew.

There's also a chef who fries the fish on the spot for you

Right after the dinner was the official briefing for the race. We learnt about the format of the race and got our stickers for the car. My team is team number 30! [there were 48 teams in total]

Before we call it a night, we had to arrange the cars in order so that there won't be any havoc during the start on the next day. But before that, we went out to buy some drinks and food in case we got hungry throughout the race.

The sky was pouring heavily and everyone got a good night sleep. Get ready for RACE DAY! Billy, out.

Note: Ooopz, seems like I forgot to introduce my team members, will do it in the next post. Stay tune~


leo said...

u told me u updated ur blog while i m updating mine..who knows we actually wrote the same thing.haha..
even the photos also almost the same la..haa

Tabea said...

you managed to go there - wow!!!

生番薯 said...

so lucky u...chinese colleagua n chinese supervisor...hopefully i can get the same thing too...

-siawcheng@joanne- said...

got few qs:

1. why u look thinner in the white shirt tat pic one..?angle ke or really thin? cos u doesnt look that thin in other pictures...kakakakakakaka *opps

2. how come got picture of u swimming one... is that u? don tell me u put self timer then go in n swim o?? kakaka....

3. apasal ur room got so many other ppl one meh??

4. wait i think of what other qs then i ask later...=p

5. Oh..when will i get my banana split????

Xjion89 said...

ooooo, swimming somemore. So much fun leh(^^)

Billy said...

haha, what coincidence!

Tabea, I think you got me wrong...
This is organized by my company, for one day only...
The one I intended to take part is The Amazing Race Asia, that race around the world for a few weeks! =P

haha.. indeed i'm lucky.. =D
but there may be a reshuffle pretty soon...

wah.. manyak soalan lah awak...
1. both. The angle is good and I'm really thin *shyz*
2. my friend take for me one lah! =.=
3. the bed is bigger than single bed and smaller than queen size... i conquer the room all by myself! =P
4. slowly think lah u...
5. this one slowly wait.. =)

that's just the pre-race.. more fun in part 2 and 3! =D

-siawcheng@joanne- said...

manyak soalan good la...means i ada baca... *yer..i'm talking in malay with u.....*

1. Pls don so perasan..wait til i see u then ma know is angle anot..kaka..
2. How come u alone got the room.. that fella b4 changing with u stay alone so cham one a..? he also got prob own room tak mao go exchange with u...
3. banana split cannot wait... u faster free then go yumcha then can order banana split...weee~~
4. i'll think more next time...=p

banana split~~~
you promised~~~

Billy said...


1. [...]
2. I get to pick the room from the 5 rooms... before that I also picked a single room..
3. tomorrow lah!
4. what else oh.. why u got so many Qs one... =\

-siawcheng@joanne- said...

yeah~~ Banana split~~ choc, vanilla, yam...weeee~~ kakakaka...cant rmb when is my last time having it...years ago i guess....

my main purpose just to spam here oni...kakaka...

Banana split~ banana split~ banana split~~ weee~~`

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