Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ride on Chao Praya to Chinatown

8 June 2008 @ Bangkok, Thailand

Luckily the rain stopped when we came out from the museum.

We then headed to the nearest pier to take the water taxi on Chao Praya River. Chao Praya River is a major river in Thailand and it serves as one of the major transportation there too!

It wasn't easy to search for the station as it can't be easily seen from the main road. Finally we made our way round some shops before we knew there's an alley to cut through to reach the pier.

Kuan, MinBee, LeongKee, Me [waiting for our boat]

The fares are pretty cheap, around 15Baht per ride on the Orange flag boat. Just like LRT and KTM, there're different flags on boats to represent different lines.

oh, our boat arrived

We boarded the boat after the passengers got down from it. We managed to get ourselves seated despite the boat was so crowded.

From the website, it says the boat's capacity is 60 people but I estimated around 150 other people are in the boat together with me.

that's a smaller boat on the river

houses at the riverside

the temple on the other side of the river

We wanted to visit that temple but it was too far and not worth our time to travel all the way there to see temple, again.

caught someone sleeping [again]

reaching another pier

Group SS before we leave the boat

We stopped at the pier nearest to our guesthouse, and coincidently, Chinatown is just around the corner.

We decided to walk around Thailand's Chinatown before taking a taxi back to Siam Square.

Compared to Petaling Street [Malaysia's Chinatown], this market is very much larger!

What's Chinatown without Chinese words? Yup, we saw lots of Chinese sign boards on the road.

Food stalls too!

We saw this lady making some sort of pancakes with fillings in them. It was really really tempting...

With little hesitation, we bought 7 pieces with assorted flavours. I forgot what kind of flavours there are but they're quite tasty.

The hot weather is killing us. Thank god Kuan spotted this traditional Chinese Herbal Tea shop and we quickly bought a few bottles of chrysanthemum tea to quench our thirst.


While drinking the tea, we looked for taxi to take us back to Siam Square for dinner. A very long-awaited Thai dinner with fruity cooling desserts. *droolz* Billy, out.

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Borneo Falcon said...

Nice coverage

Grandma said...

Cant believe, we just arrive bangkok. Haha. But, i really miss the time we travel around. Hope we can make it again this year with the same group.

Take care and see you in the chinese new year.

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