Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Birthday and New Year

Again, staring at the screen.. only start to type something out after a long long time. Aihz..

<30 December 2006>
It was 11pm, 29th December 2006. I was playing DotA with my housemates. 11.50pm, game finished. They say they want a rest. I saw the door unlocked, so I locked the door. At 12.10am, I heard sounds from outside. Kuan holding a cake with 2 candles but no fire [because he forgot to bring a lighter.. haha] together with Bee coming into my apartment. I sat there, looking at them. Ok.. it's a surprise. I was surprised by the surprise. Haha.. It was an ice-cream chocolate cake from Secret Recipe. It's really rich and delicious. I love it very much. Thank you all so much~ By the way, Happy Birthday to Chun Hao too, a friend who has the same date of birth as mine. =P

<31 December 2006>
Went all the way to Sungai Wang, KL to countdown for year 2007 with Kian Ong, Seong Jin, Kui Yoong, Xin Ling and Yit Fong. It was really packed like sardine but the performances are quite entertaining. I can't even move an inch from where I was standing except swaying left and right, back and forth from the pushing of the people at the back. The concert started off with some local artistes like Zhong Sheng Zhong, Danny, John, Des, Suki, Daniel, Lin Yu Zhong and followed by some overseas artistes like Jin Sha, Ah Du and etc. I think I personally like the joint performance from John, Des and Suki the most where most audiences sang along together. Hehe.. The countdown was quite brief as we only started counting from 6 and when we reached 0, chains of beautiful fireworks can be seen right on top of the Sungai Wang building. After the final performance by Ah Du, it was party time and spraying time. We bought around 20 bottles of "snow" spray and spray and spray and spray till everyone is white and wet. Hahaha.. After a quick wash up at the toilet, we managed to catch the last train back. Upon reaching Kepong, we drove to Selayang for a drink and went home at around 4am something. Though I was rather tired on that day, I really enjoyed it very much, especially the precious time hanging out with my friends. =P

Well, well.. My final exams are so near now. I've got to finish all my studies and prepare for the "war" soon. Here, I would like to wish all my MMU friends good luck and all the best in the coming finalz. Billy, out.

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