Sunday, August 31, 2008

Real & Virtual

23 August 2008 @ Times Square

I was supposed to go to the Read While Waiting Project [RWP] by RA with PuiYee. But because I woke up late and need to do some errands, I had to ffk my friend. *sorry*

So, I showed up in Times Square to meet her up for a couple of rounds of bowling to make it up with her.

I've not been playing bowling for ages but it was fun. This is my best score of the day.

I was quite excited because I have been playing Bowling Buddies in Facebook for some time. After getting a hand at it, it's quite easy to spare most of the frames and get a few strikes in a game.

That's the difference between reality and virtual world.

Then, we went to meet up with PengThian [another primary schoolmate of mine who's working in Times Square] and PehLing [PuiYee's friend]. We had dinner at Food and Tea.

Each of us ordered this mini pizza as we're not that hungry at that time. We ordered all 3 flavours and all of 'em taste great!

PuiYee and PehLing then head off to Night of Keys in KLCC while I send PengThian home.

It was a short outing but a fun one. Billy, out.

Note: My dear friends who beat me in Bowling Buddies, let's go play the real bowling sometimes eh? =P

Friday, August 29, 2008

I've Graduated!

10 August 2008 @ Multimedia University, Cyberjaya

Finally, I get to post about my Convocation after more than 2 weeks. Thank you for being so patient.

So, this is the 9th MMU Convocation 2008!

For those who haven't experience this, let me tell you, it's a very very boring thing. You go up the stage for 15 seconds to receive the scroll and you have to wait 4 hours until everybody gets theirs.

Let's skip the boring part and head for the pictures, aye?

My first friend in MMU, My roommate in hostel, My housemate in BaoBao, My FYP partner
He has various names: Solid, Overlord, The Drift King, Babi, etc etc...

My best buddy in MMU. He's one hell of a smart and all-rounder guy. *jealous*
He's the one that tried our luck in TARA3. We failed and ended up travelling 3 countries together.

My buddies in this 3 years, graduated together!

The 3 zodiacs of lunar calander representing the 3 of us.

Took some pictures with lecturers, Mr. Wong, who has been very helpful and encouraging.[he never taught me though]

This is the new dean of Faculty of IT - Dr. Ho Chin Kuan

The Korean gang - 5 trainees & 1 traveller in Korea [June to October 2007]

[L-R: ChauLun, DeYan, ChinNam, SuHan, ShinKeat & Me]

This is suppose to be a photo with my coursemates but the Korean gang joined in. So now it's the ISE + Korean gang!

[Top: XinWei, ChinNam, ChauLun, ShinKeat,
Patrick, Denise, Teresa, Me, DeYan, Anie]


Throwing the mortar boards.. Yay!

Love them so much

My last time in MMU. Bye Bye~

Here're some of the things received on that day.

Tiggie! [gift from PuiYee] Now my little white tiger [bought in Korea] has a new younger brother. ^^

My 2 little white tigers

Certificates, E-transcript, Card and the 08 tassel from my mortarboard

Three years ended in a blink of an eye. Now we all have to start a new chapter in life. Good luck to all my friends. Billy out.

to be continue...

Note: This post is separated into 2 posts because there're too many photos.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kobe Shabu-Shabu Buffet

7 June 2008 @ Bangkok, Thailand

I saw this poster at the MBK Mall earlier of the day and I told my friends to check out the shop. Looks pretty interesting with only RM10 for one buffet.

Took us quite some time to find this little shop right at the top floor little corner. After confirming it's 100Baht per person, we wrote our name in the waiting list.

We waited about 30 minutes before reaching our turn because there were quite a lot of people queueing up for the grand opening promotion!

SS time!

Everything is packed in a little plastic container so that it's easier for the customers to choose and take the ingredients they want.

Some parts of the shelves were empty because it's quite late already.

The Thais are really specific with the sauces used for their food. Just look at the number of sauces available. They usually mix and add spiciness/ sourness according to their taste. And yes, they can really take spicy stuffs.

Those are the meats and vegetables to be boiled. Each person has a little pot of boiling soup to cook the food.

Here's a little video on the environment and drinking a special tea. [Few days later we found out that it's called the Thai Iced Tea]

Then the creative us decided to create our own dish [after seeing the guy beside us doing so]. It's only egg + pork. Taste a bit salty because the marinated pork itself is salty.

Jeng! Jeng! Jeng! [wasn't supposed to turn out like this]

Finished our dinner! Fuh~ Really satisfying...

This is our second buffet in our trip after Cambodia's. [We'll have another buffet in Laos too] Yummy... Yummy... Billy, out.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

MIFC 2008 - Team Canada

20 August 2008 @ Putrajaya International Convention Centre (PICC)

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2008 [site] is here again. This time China, Canada, Spain and of course Malaysia will be participating.

After eating some spicy hot pots, Me, Carmen, Phuah and Eunice head off to Putrajaya to meet up with Shen Wei and her family in PICC. We're going to watch Canada's fireworks!

Luckily ShenWei got there early to get a good spot

I was setting up the little camera with my mini tripod just above 10cm off the ground. At first I also paiseh to take out my camera compared to all the pro cams behind me.

But I don't care lah, I also want to take pictures what...

Ooopz, ter-flashed [my fren said it's nice. Nice kah?]

Before the fireworks start [the lights on bridge is still on]

Here it goes! Enjoy the photos...

Here're 2 short videos for Canada fireworks. We Will Rock You [9 seconds] & I Do It For You [88 seconds].

I think team Canada did a pretty good job on the performance. I wonder which team will win. Do catch the finale on 29 August if you're interested, but go there early as the place will be really congested. Billy, out.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Chongqing Chicken Hot Pot

20 August 2008 @ Kuchai Lama

Before we head off to Putrajaya for fireworks, we had dinner at Kuchai Lama - Chongqing Chicken Hot Pot (重庆鸡公煲), recommended by my friend, Carmen.

So, we ordered 2 pots. One with chicken and another one with pork ribs. We chose the lowest level of spiciness, as a start. [there're 3 levels of spiciness to choose]


After having a couple of pieces, we challenged ourselves by asking the waitress to increase the level of spiciness to one of the pots. You can really feel the difference!

Introducing the people who took the challenge. First, Carmen, the one that lead us to this shop. The one that cannot tahan spicy the most.

Carmen - Ah~ so spicy.. drink more water...

Me - fu.. ha.. I love spicy but I can't take it. fu.. ha...

Phuah - thumbs up! [he's enjoying the excitement]

Eunice - it's good but I still need the water...

After eating everything from the pots, we requested to add in more soup for steamboat. Yes, we can add in other stuffs picked from the fridge inside the shop.

There're various vegetables, noodles and meatballs to be added into the soup. Each basket priced from RM1 to RM4.

Carmen putting in the yee mee into the soup

looks like clay pot yee mee

looks like Bak Kut Teh

Then I saw this sticker on the window - this shop has been featured in Ho Chak! by 8TV!

If you like spicy food, it's worth a try. Check out their highest level of spiciness and let me know whether your lips turned into a "double sausages".

Thanks Carmen for bringing us there. Enjoyed it. Billy, out.
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