Friday, July 11, 2008

Buffet and Dance

2 June 2008 @ Siem Reap, Cambodia

Sovoeun brought us to Koulen Restaurant where we had buffet for dinner and cultural dance performance. Costs us $10 each.

The settings and surroundings

foooooooood [the main course]

more food.... [the desserts]


deep fried stuffs

our drinks [not inclusive in the $10]

grabbed some desserts for sharing

The Cambodian food taste so-so only. Some taste really weird, especially the desserts. The desserts are not hot or cold, so it's not as delicious as it's supposed to be. Imagine eating Cendol without the ice.. Urgh~

While having our desserts, the dance performances start. About six dances were performed throughout the 1 hour. They are called the Apsara Dances.

This dance is really slow.. *yawn*

there's actually a live band playing the instruments and a woman chanting singing

I like this dance - fast beat with good tempo

dancing with some bamboo/rattan stuffs [don't know what it's called]

Dancing with big poles and wooden buckets

The overall dance performances are quite entertaining. One of them even tells a love story which is quite amusing.

If you don't mind paying a little extra for tonnes of food while you watch some cultural dance, do drop by at Koulen Restaurant. Billy, out.

P/S: I've actually recorded a lot of videos in the restaurants. But due to individual skill problem and limited software available to me, I can't compress the videos for upload. And with srewmyx here, I don't think I'll ever finish uploading. Apologies~

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yeohcm said...

wah..all the foods look good to me. i wish i could go there one day.

Billy said...

haha.. the food looks really good but some taste weird weird dei only... Find some friends and plan the trip, I'm sure you can go there someday. =)

Daryl Teo said...

The apsara dance looks really good. I missed somehow, maybe when i go there gain. Food looks good after all the normal street fare u normally find there.

Billy said...

There're 2 or 3 dances that's slow-mo one... It's ok at first but after a while it gets boring. The slightly faster beat one are entertaining though.

We're quite impressed with the food there really. We didn't expect so many variety of food. I was so full till I wasn't able to try all the food there. hahaha... =P

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