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MMU LAN Games Competition 2008

12 & 13 July 2008 @ Multimedia University, Cyberjaya

It's back with a bang! It's the MMU LAN Games Competition 2008 (LGC) organized by Game Developers Club!

This time around, we had WCG (World Cyber Games) College Preliminary for FIFA and Counter Strike in the earlier week. So, the LGC 2008 will be having DotA as the only game being competed.

Similar to past years, this event brought together all the pro DotA players from the whole of Malaysia. Some teams even came from other states like Negeri Sembilan and Perak just for the competition.

The competition lasted two days starting with the knock out format. The top 8 teams will fight against each other in a double-elimination format. It means that a team will only be eliminated if they lost 2 matches.

Computer labs turning into a gaming arena

For each match, two teams will draft the 8 heroes to be banned and the 10 heroes to be played. Then they'll be seated before the game starts.

Players concentrating on the game while marshalls looked on

Two computer labs in the Faculty of IT, MMU were used to occupy all the matches. Some players were tensed when they play as they'll be knock out if they lost their first or second round.

Warcraft 3 Battle Chest - One of the prizes for winners [sponsored by SMM]

I went there to help my friends organize this event. I was in charge of keeping records of the teams, making the schedule and updating the chart.

James [assistant director] and me [blocked] discussing about the changes in the chart

Wallpaper of the lecturer's pc - Icons of all the heroes in DotA

Team New Cybertime-GoV [one of the strong teams]

As the matches begun, there were nothing much for some committees to do. So we played Blokus. It's one hell of a fun, exciting and easy to play board game.

Even the players wanted a hand on the board game and it drew quite a lot of attention.

Players from team MKVL playing Blokus

When there were free pc's to be used, some committees took the chance to have a match with some professional players.

Eddie - event director

James, SiangWei and HeanGinn

After two long and tiring days, here are the final results for the tournament.

Single elimination - narrow down to 8 teams

Top 8 teams fighting for the crown

2nd Runner up: New Cybertime-GoV

1st Runner-up: DNA-SK

Champion: MKVL

MKVL got into the finals with a 1-0 advantage because they never drop a match [winner bracket].

However, DNA-SK managed to grabbed a point from them in the first match of grand finale and forced a decider match.

MKVL turned back the table by winning the final match and clinched the champion of MMU LGC 2008!

Kudos to all committees [what are you doing with the prizes?!]

Not to forget, credits to our event photographer - ZhiLing

It was a great event and I get to keep one of the Warcraft 3 Battle Chests for lending my helping hand. Cool!

Thanks Eddie and all the best to MMU Game Developers Club! Billy, out.

For more info & complete result: MMU Game Developers Club
For more photos on LGC08: LGC08 Web Album
For more photos on WCG MMU Preliminary: MMU WCG Web Album

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