Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Chelsea Training Session

28 July 2008 @ Shah Alam Stadium

Chelsea was in Malaysia and THANKS to Nuffnang, I get to see them in person! (though not really close up with them)

I got two passes to see Chelsea FC train in Shah Alam Stadium one day before the friendly match between Chelsea and Malaysia. I decided to bring along the Liverpool-Big-Fan, my brother.

After a smooth drive to Shah Alam [which I didn't expect], we finally reached the stadium. My first time stepping in there after by-passing it so many times.

I was there one hour before the training starts and there were already hundreds of people.

I tried to find a good spot to take photos and managed to get to stand on the second row near the exit where players come out.

The first player coming out to the field is Petr Čech. People screamed. People shouted. People sang. People fainted. OK, no one fainted.

Moments later, the team led by John George Terry came out. That's the best shot I got, their backs...

Here's the front shot of them, by Glenn Guan/The Star.

While the players are warming up, here comes Chelsea's mascot, STAMFORD!

Stamford trying to shake hand with the audience

The goalkeepers warming up at one side...

... while other players stretching on the other side of field

There're more and more people in the stadium and a lot of them were actually wearing Chelsea's jersey. I can't believe some of them actually dare to wear pirated Chelsea jersey to see the players. Haha...

Then, the players were separated into two teams to play against each other using only half the field. Quite interesting to see them play.

We hit the roads before the crowd jammed up the place. Bye bye Chelsea! Bye bye Shah Alam Stadium!

Some beautiful close up shots by Glenn Guan:

Petr Cech saved a rugby ball during practice session

Joseph Cole (left) warming up with teammates

Deco (centre) trying to get the ball

Frank James Lampard (centre) with other team mates

A short clip: Orange team scored a goal

It was great to be able to see them in person, from far. All thanks to Nuffnang once again. Billy, out.

Credit: Close up photos courtesy os Glenn Guan, a photojournalist of The Star.


deyan said...

Nuffnang gave you free tickets for that?? cool!
haha, since when you become a football fans :P
btw, a Liverpool fans here

Billy said...

Yup.. nice of nuffnang =)
Not football fan can't watch football kah? Haha
Yalar yalar Liverpool fan no need brag about it. Liverpool not coming also.. =P

cc said...

Wow, you got there pretty early!

puiyeel said...

Those wearing pirated thingys...hmm hmm...but den, all for the spirit of support. (but still XD)

Billy said...

Haha.. Just one hour before the actual training starts. I was quite surprised to see about 3 hundred people there before me.

Want support but don't wanna buy original jersey. What lah... If you take pirated album for your idol to sign, what will they think? Haha...

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