Thursday, July 24, 2008

Angkor Grand Circuit

4 June 2008 @ Siem Reap, Cambodia

Woke up at 6.30am and had light breakfast before Sovoeun pick us up.

We started our day from the North Gate of Angkor Thom, then went on to visit the temples along the Grand Circuit route.

First stop, Preah Khan. The name is translated as "Sacred Sword" the place is built for the mother of the king.

Most parts of Preah Khan are still unrestored yet as you can see the bricks and stones are lying on the ground everywhere.

The next stop along the road is Neak Pean. It's a little different from what we have seen previously because Neak Pean is rather "flat".

the artificial island on the central pond

should be beautiful with water in it

There are total of 5 pools in here. A central pond in the middle (flying horse) and four side pools to represent Wind (horse), Earth (ox), Fire (lion) and Water (elephant). The head of animals to represent each element are placed inside each pool.

It's believed that the water in the ponds have the power of curing illness. Sovoeun told us it was a royal hospital.

Kuan wasn't feeling very good that day so he just sat there while the 3 of us took photos

Flying Horse statue in the central pond, symbol of drowning prevention

After getting enough rest, we head on to Ta Som. It was built at the end of 12th century and this time, the small buddhist temple is dedicated to King Jayavarman VII's father.

Very quickly, we snapped some photos and move on to East Mebon. The red temple-mountain has three levels topped with five towers. At sunset the monument takes on a reddish glow.

At East Mebon, we're a little temple-fatigue already. We 3 guys just sat at one corner and let the photographer climb up and down to do her work. =P

LeongKee, Me and MinBee taking photo with an elephant statue

Finally, the last stop in the Grand Circuit, Pre Rup. It was huge and all of us decided not to step in there.

But I said, "Hey, we're here already. We should at least make one round in there lah." So here goes me and LeongKee.

In from one entrance...

...and out the other
[actually we just walked behind the walls for 5m to get to the other door]

We were all tired of seeing all these temples already but we still have one more temple to go on the next day, Angkor Wat! Saving the best for the last, so we were forced to go in there once again for the sake of visiting the reknowned world heritage site. Billy, out.

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Yun Yi said...

eh...i like the ponds very much!
so unique 1~~~

woooo...healing power...
sounds mystical :D :D :D :D

i tink cambodia is a great place for me to hunt for ideas if i wanna develop a game XD haahahha *imagining things again*

Billy said...

[yun yi]
yeah! I quite like the ponds too. You should check out the ponds with water, lagi nice.

Imagining about Tomb Raider? Hahaha... =P

Yun Yi said...

manyak panai oh~

Billy said...

[yun yi]
then u create ur own version of tomb raider lor. Let me play it when u're done.. hahaha... =P

Daryl Teo said...

Hey cool how did u get inside the pools representing the 4 animals? I don't remember any openings when i was there. Great pics!

Billy said...

Our driver told us about the 4 animals. So, we explored the pools and found that there's actually a "cave" in each pool. You can see the "cave" right in the middle of the 2nd picture in Neak Pean in this post.

I don't think most people will actually notice the heads of animals because you can't see them if you don't go down into the pool. =P

beau said...

aahhaa,how come so slow(say again)...waiting you to show more.Hehe,i only can share mine in my blogs after i hv better line.

Billy said...

I already update everyday liao. dun rush me lar.. haha.. I'll try my best to post faster de.. =P

waiting for u to update yours too!

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