Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Big Hats are Meant for Big Heads

There's a phrase in the Chinese sayings "If you don't have such big head, then don't wear such big hat". It means that don't do something that you're not capable of doing.

Learn your lesson. Promise only what you think you're capable. Find the right hat or just make your head bigger. Billy, out.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Enchanted Night 2008: Starlight Serenade

20 April 2008 @ Putrajaya Marriott Hotel

Finally, I've got enough photos to post about my MMU prom night. While scanning through the photos, I feel slightly reluctant to post them up. Changed my mind though.

I'm not going to elaborate about that night because the food sucks, the waiter was slow, the performances were not entertaining, the music was wrong, the flow of program wasn't smooth, the emcee's voice was unclear... etc. So, just enjoy the photos.

Me and Jillian [my prom date]

My training mates in Korea

The sexy ladies from table 19

The handsome hunks *ahem* from table 19

[standing] Me + Jillian, Belle + Damien
[sitting] YitMeng + Teresa, Daniel + PingNe, XinWei + Denise

Badminton gang

Connie [prom queen], Jessica, Denise, Dayze, Jillian, Belle

My coursemates [the ISE gang]

The loud and talkative Teresa [she called it Interactive]
There wouldn't be as much fun as we had without her

The top student, Daniel

And... the worst student, WeiHock! [but he's a good joker]

Teresa and Me

Jillian & Me, XinWei's head, Teresa & YitMeng

Jessica and me

WaiSeng [prom king finalist] and me

ShinHean and me [we wore similar shirt]

Me, Jillian, PingNe, Daniel and the piano

Group shot

The FIT's

We snap snap snap snap snap photos till past midnight and realized that we were the last bunch of people leaving the hotel. The night is still young, next stop: McDonalds!

Me, XinWei & Denise with our "yeng" hair

The long table in McD

We chatted till 2am something before someone suggested to go back. We were all dead tired.

Slept at Marriott Hotel [looks familiar?]

It reminds me of the night where ther five of us and SuHan [leftmost] slept at the lobby of Renaissance Hotel in Seoul.

Though most of my buddies in MMU didn't go to the prom, I did enjoy myself with the bunch of people there. Not to forget, thanks Jillian for being my prom date and Steven for letting me do so. Hope that everyone has a great future ahead after graduation. Billy, out.

Friday, April 25, 2008

First Research Paper Accepted

FYP frenzy is finally over. Clap clap to those who has successfully completed and submitted their final report. Good luck to all in the coming presentation.

A moment ago, I was checking out the KMICe 2008 (Knowledge Management International Conference) site and saw that they have updated the site.

Of course, I checked out the accepted papers link immediately... And I found it!

This is actually my first time writing a research paper. I thought the chances of getting selected was very slim. But who knows, first time and got selected! All thanks to my supervisor, Mr. Ng and my project partner, KyukWei.

The paper is about searching DNA stored in object-oriented database. Well, I wouldn't want to get too technical here. If you're interested, you can drop me a message so I can send you the whole thing to read. =P

The conference is organized by Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM) and will be held at Langkawi in June. Too bad I won't be in Malaysia at that time, probably watching some ah kua's dancing in Thailand. Billy, out.

[will update abouot enchanted night soon]

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pre-Prom Preparation

20 April 2008 @ D'Trend Salon, Equine Park

In conjunction with the prom night organized by Engsoc and SwimClub, I went for a hair cut and styled up my hair. [Ok, I admit I'm very noob in styling my hair] So, I tagged along XinWei, Denise and Jessica to a salon in Equine Park.

My golden mane

XinWei's purplish hair

Jessica's curly long hair

Denise's silverish yeng hair

The hair stylist did some pretty good job I'd say. We then head home to change [and make-up for girls] and get ready for the big thing! Billy, out.

To be continue...

P.S. Jess: No plagiarism done, don't sue me! =P
P.S. Others: I need more photos, or else there won't be any "to be continue" =(

Monday, April 21, 2008

Past Proms

UTAR Ball 2005 @ Crown Princess Hotel, KL

That was when I first stepped into UTAR. My first prom night. I don't have much friends at that time, so we just booked one table to sit together.

All that are sitting on my table are of the first year students in UTAR. We don't even have a proper camera to take pictures together. I think someone used his/her cellphone to take this group photo and send to me.

UTAR Ball 2006 @ Crowne Plaza Hotel, KL

At this time, I have already "jumped" to Multimedia University (MMU) to continue my degree programme. But my UTARian friends invited me to join in the fun, and so I did.

This time was better. We have some decent cameras and the event was gigantic. I met back some old friends and it was very memorable. I didn't spend much for the event as the suit is borrowed from my uncle. =P [Too bad I wasn't in Malaysia when UTAR Ball 2007 is held]

MMU Enchanted Night @ Marriott Putrajaya

This is my third time attending a prom night. My most expensive one. Ticket price is about 40% more compared to the ones I've attended. I've also spent on my suit and hair.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself thoroughly with all my mates [coursemates, campusmates, assignmentmates, groupmates, trainingmates, badmintonmates housemates]. I shall review about it when I get enough photos from others. Till then, Billy, out.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Can't wait to go...

Three weeks of backpacking...

First journey to Cambodia, Thailand and Laos...

Travelling with my best buddies in campus...

The trip upon graduation...

I'm coming...

Billy, out.

Countdown: 43 days

Friday, April 18, 2008

Freeze for World Earth Day

13th April 2008 @ Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

It was one of the most bizarre things I've heard of. It was the KL Freeze in Unison - Where human beings get together to do something in unison, without speeches or reference to their age, colour, sex, beliefs and background.

These people are supposed to gather at 2.30pm at Lot10 to wait for further instructions. Then a team of people will hand them pieces of orange flyers to tell them to freeze from 3.35pm to 3.39pm at Pavilion.

And this is what they did...

Amazingly, hundreds of people turned up and the event was even broadcasted in tv stations and published in major newspapers. It was a success.

Too bad I found out about this at 2.30pm [the gathering time] that day when I read

Joshua's blog. Even if I knew earlier, I wouldn't be able to make it due to my hectic schedule. [Aihz...]

Now, there's another chance for me and you and everyone to take part in the Freeze for World Earth Day. This time, the freeze will be on 20th April 2008 [duh!] at 8pm at Sunway Pyramid and freezing for 5 minutes. [How?]

I wished I could join in the fun but I will at the Marriott Putrajaya for the Enchanted Night at the same time. Nevertheless, I hope that the event will be a great success. And if you're going, think of an environmentalism pose and wear green [yucks]. Billy, out.

More information can be found in
The two pictures were taken from Joshua and

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Tragedies... But Who Cares?

Imagine you're happily riding on a bus on the way back to your home. Few more hours till you see your loved ones. Getting enough rest on the bus so that you won't look tired when your family sees you.

All of a sudden, you were thrown out of your seat followed by some tyres screeching sound. Bags and people are falling on each other. Everyone is screaming and saying prayers. Some are yelling of pain. Some are stucked underneath the chair.

You think that this is the end. You may never see your family and friends again. All because of a bus ride...

I have experienced myself on a
dangerous bus trip to Terengganu about one month ago. Today, I read about a tragedy happened to a little girl on The Star.

KUALA TERENGGANU: An express bus plunged into a ravine along the Kuala Terengganu-Kota Baru road early yesterday, killing a Thai girl.

According to Bernama, Terengganu deputy police chief Datuk Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman said the other 22 passengers, 15 of them Thai nationals, were injured and had been sent to hospital.

[adapted from The Star Online]

Most of the bus drivers are not fit to drive. They have no ethics, no blains, no values, no senses, no responsibilities but they do have one thing... lots and lots of outstanding traffic summonses.

While this issue has been around for so long, what has the authorities done to curb all these? What? Briberies? I don't know.

I think that the bus companies should fire all these useless bus drivers and replace them with well-trained drivers [like those aircraft pilot]. Some 30 lives is at stake of only a pair of hands and feet controlling the four-wheeled-vehicle.

Anyway, who cares? Billy, out.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Salin Bujur-bujur

Just read ChunHao's blog about his lecturer's assessment on his philosophy essay. "Do not use Wikipedia!"
[you won't be able to view his blog because he only allows invited people to read]

Suddenly reminds me of what Pn. Harris [my BM teacher] said during my secondary school days.

In Bahasa Malaysia:
"Jangan salin bulat-bulat, salinlah bujur-bujur" - Pn. Harris

Direct translation:
"Do not roundly copy, please ovally copy" - Mdm. Harris

Real meaning translation:
"Do not copy word by word, please change the way you write it" - Mdm. Harris

Well, well, Pn. Harris always made us laugh. So, people who are working on their assignments and projects, remember this golden rule so that you won't get zero for plagiarism ya.

I miss my school days. Billy, out.

Monday, April 14, 2008

A Shit is Still A Shit

Dear readers, this is plainly for entertainment purpose only. If you are sensitive about shits, please close the window immediately.

Flys love shit

Flys flew away because shit has no more smell. Shit is frustrated.

Shit put some make up. Flys came back for shit though the smell is artificial.

A shit is still a shit and flys do love shit. Billy, out.

*Sorry for my ugly drawings. =P*

Saturday, April 12, 2008

An Apple A Day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away...

Many many many green apples makes me run away...

Frankly I don't like yucky green apples because they're greenish and sourish. [Yes, I dislike green since 7] But I have the guts to buy a big bag of green apples today, probably due to the strong persuasion of my friend who loves green.

So I thought maybe it's high time for me to get some nutrients from fruits as I'm staying in a desert and people around me are getting sick a lot [including me =( ]. Finals is near and deadlines are just around the corner, so me here wish sick people get well soon and non-sick people not getting infected. Lastly, fighting to all MMUians! Billy, out.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sushi Feasts in Sushi King

I had THREE sushi meals with THREE different group of friends at the same place - Sushi King, Equine Park.

24 March 2008 @ Sushi King, Equine Park
XinWei told us about the Buy 1 Free 1 coupon from at Sushi King. So, we went to try it out after our class at 7pm.

Me, Theresa, Denise, XinWei [my coursemates]

Ahh.. So full~

29 March 2008 @ Sushi King, Equine Park
Me and DeYan had test on that day. This time, I told them about the Buy 1 Free 1 coupon and we went to eat sushies [once more for me] after our test.

Me, DeYan, ChauLun and ChinNam [training mates and a mutual friend]

10 April 2008 @ Sushi King, Equine Park
Today, I went for sushi again. This time with my best pals in MMU. Finally, I managed to go to the RM2 Member's Day [7th - 10th April 2008]. All the plates cost Rm2 only if you have a member card.

Kuan, MinBee and me

The tower of sushi plates [In the process of building the tower, a tea cup is broken. Kids, never play tower building in Sushi King without proper supervision from adults ya]

If you are craving for sushi, do grab this opportunity fast. Today is the last day of 2ringgit sushi! Go to your nearest Sushi King now!

I've had the most satisfying sushi meals in my life [so far]. 3 times in 3 weeks... I guess I won't be thinking about sushi for quite some time now. Billy, out.

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