Saturday, March 22, 2008

Friday the 14th

14 March 2008 @ Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Besut

We're supposed to take the KTM train to Putra station then take a bus to Jerteh, Terengganu. But the KTM train service was halted for some unknown reason. So, Michael Schumacher Khik's dad drove us to Putra bus station and we reached there around 9.30pm [the time the bus suppose to depart]. Well, well, the bus is delayed [after all the rush].

Finally, the bus arrived and we left the station at 10pm something. I soon fell asleep after a while.

ZZzzZzZZzz... And... BANG! I fell to the ground. I heard screams and prayers. I saw shattered windshield. I felt pain on my waist and leg. The bus stopped and the lights were turned on. The driver is moaning in pain and few passengers quickly went to check him out and called the ambulance.

Some of them were performing first aid to the driver while the rest jumped out of the bus from the emergency exit. We were all deducing what the bus hit as the "thing" only hit the top part of the bus and no other vehicles were found on the road. After several arguments, we concluded that it hit a low-flying UFO.

The door of the bus [smashed]

The windshield is broken to pieces

We were then asked to take another bus heading towards Machang, Kelantan. Due to all the busses are full for the night, we have to sit in the middle of the bus, for 5 freaking, horrible, sleepless hours. To make it worse, we were horrified by each turn the bus made or each time the driver steps on the brake.

We reached Machang and took a private taxi to Jerteh bus station [where we're supposed to stop]. We were delayed for one hour. A van is supposed to pick us up and drop us at the Kuala Besut jetty. We waited and called just to found out that the van left after not seeing us at the bus station.

So, we had a light breakfast and took a taxi to the jetty. We missed the morning boat to the island and we have to wait for the afternoon boat. After waiting several hours and went for our second breakfast [treated by the owner of our resort], we finally can get going, to PULAU PERHENTIAN!! Billy, out.


puiyeel said...

thank god we r all ok.
Hopefully the driver is ok now also.

taneuhua said...

Seems like everything goes un-smoothly for a trip. I was about to give up.

support princess said...

goodness gracious me...thank god nothing bad happen to u and ur frens...

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