Thursday, November 25, 2010

Guangzhou Asian Games Badges

I have been following quite closely with the ongoing Asian Games in Guangzhou, especially those sports that involve Malaysians.

This morning, when I was browsing through the Asian Games 2010 official website, I saw a short article on the limited edition Asian Games Volunteer Badges. And it's getting really popular amongst the Chinese volunteers for this Asian Games in Guangzhou.

These badges are distributed based on a point redemption system. Volunteers have to clock in and out of their service hours and earn points. So, the more hours he/she serve, the more points he/she has and the more badges he/she can redeem!

I think this is an excellent way to motivate the volunteers to work harder to make the event a success. Not only that, volunteers see these badges as a proof of hard work and honour for all the volunteering hours.

2 Chinese volunteers showing off their colourful badges

I reckon these badges can be really cool collectibles. I don't mind owning a set of 'em. Anybody from China care to donate to me? *grins widely* Billy, out.

Reference & Photos taken from:
1. Guangzhou Asian Games 2010 Official Website

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