Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ISE Little Gathering - Part 1

11 October 2008 @ Italiannies, Sunway Pyramid

It's been a long time since I last met my coursemates from MMU. So, XinWei called us up for a little gathering.

XinWei, Denise, Teresa

There were only 4 people that turned up, the rest are either too far, too busy or too hard to contact.

So, we went to Italiannies for dinner and ordered a 3 course meal. First off with the starter - Ceaser Salad.

Here comes the main dish - Shrimp Linguine, with lotsa shrimps.

Last but not least, the dessert - Bread Pudding! Yummy~

The food we ordered doesn't look that much but they're all quite filling. =)

After dinner, we went to Redbox Karaoke but we didn't go in because the price is too expensive! We opted to sing in the afternoon the next day.

To be continued... Billy, out.

Note: Photos courtesy of XinWei and his Sony Alpha 300

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yong Tau Fu and Lubang

9 October 2008 @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

It's just another day for the TM gang to hang out together.

We went to SS2 Yong Tau Fu for dinner. It's also my cousin's shop. =)

After dinner, we wanted to go to somewhere to sit down and talk, and share our highs and lows training in different locations.

So, we went to The "Lubang" again.

JooLi, Jacky, ChiaPoh

ChungSeng, Mike

Me, WoonLee, HanChin

So, we had tea...


Lean on each other...

and take more photos!

Happy training everyone! Billy, out.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Phase 2 Training - Network Operation

6 October 2008 @ Rawang

Upon completing my Phase 1 in Sri Gombak, I was sent to Rawang for Phase 2 training - Network Operation. The duration is also 2 weeks.

This division handles trouble reports from call centre and also installation of new telephone lines.

On the first two days, we observed how the division receives the complaints and the delegates the technicians to solve the problems.

On the third day, I followed the Access Team out to Bukit Beruntung and Sungai Buaya. They went to install the new security system - iwatch.

There has been a lot of cable theft cases and this new and improved system automatically contact the TM staffs whenever there is a cut in the cables. So don't try to cut the cables... the police will come to catch you.. hahaha~

Then, I went to Sungai Buaya to see the contractors fixing the stolen cables.

This is the stolen cable. The thieves took the copper and left the outer layer in the woods.

This is how it's suppose to look like inside the cable. In this picture, there're 200 pairs of copper wires. Each pair is used to join up each telephone line.

This is what the contractors are doing up there, joining the wires together, using the yellow thingy.

That place was a frequent cable theft area, due to the tall trees near the cable poles. Tall trees eased the thieves to climb and cut the cables.

Our technician got mad and brought a chainsaw to chop down all the trees beside the poles!

Abang Fairuz chainsaw-ing down the trees.

So am I.. =)

Rain or shine, the people continue their job, while I rest inside the van. =P

On the next day, another stolen cable case was reported. I followed to check the site again.

This time, the cable stolen was about 200 metres long! Many phone lines were affected and the people have to repair it as soon as possible.

The contractors poured in after a while and started joining back the missing link.

The guy standing in the middle is my supervisor. He also went chopping down the trees near the poles using a parang knife. =P

In the afternoon, the team went back to the Exchange in Bukit Beruntung [big and cold place] to check which lines are available for the iwatch system.

Before that, let's take a short nap and lunch.

I followed another guy out to the cabinet while Fairuz stays at the Exchange. Both sides communicate by tapping on one of the lines and check possible line for iwatch.

Last but not least, introducing a very handy tool that every technician should have, the ultimate puncher.

It's no odinary paper puncher, it's D' puncher. It punches the wires into the cards, cuts the wires and connects them properly. All done in one push!

*geesh, I know I'm lame*

Anyway, that's the first 2 days in the phase 2 training. Tired and sweaty. More to come soon... Billy, out.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Happy Burstday Carmen!

5 October 2008 @ Shogun, Sunway Pyramid

After Redbox buffet and Yuen buffet, here comes another one, Japanese buffet at Shogun.

It was the birthday eve of Carmen, one of my buddies from UTAR.

When I reach, I was surprised to see so many girls welcoming me were invited, and most of them are strangers to me. I thought Carmen only invited few friends from UTAR.

So, I started fetching food to eat and as usual, I take photos of food before eating.

Suddenly, I remembered someone told me that Shogun disallow their customers to snap pictures of their servings. I confirmed that when Phuah told me the waitress warned him not to take any pictures of the food.

Reluctant to keep away the camera, I took pictures of the food with my food models.

Carmen & Fish

Loh & Noodles

JJ & Mussels

Carmen & Prawn, JJ & Snail

While everyone's stuffed, photo session's next.

Carmen and her secondary school friends

Carmen and her UTAR friends
Loh, Carmen, Phuah, Kenneth, Me, JJ, ChoonKiat [topleft, clockwise]

Phuah giving away the birthday present

Some of the presents she received that day

I've not been able to attend her birthday parties for 2 years and finally I made it this time. I'm really glad she invited me for the dinner [I'll be glad-er if she pays for it]. Haha...

Another year passed, enjoy your life while you can! Happy Burstday, Carmen Lim! Billy, out.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ice Skating and Yuen Buffet Steamboat

30 September 2008 @ Sunway

It was the eve of Hari Raya. It was a holiday for us.

We went to Sunway Pyramid for ice skating. Shouldn't let slip a chance to have fun aye?

Most of them were first-timers but some of them do learn really fast, especially Jacky who fell the most number of times. Good spirit peepz!

In the evening, we went to Yuen Steamboat Restaurant for dinner. Yes, another buffet dinner for me...

Our table was quite far from the food area, so each of us only get to eat one piece of their famous chicken wing.

Me peeled those!

We were all very very full but there're still a little room for desserts, ice-cream!

We had yam, chocolate, raspberry, honeydew and one that taste like sesame seed.

Finally, photo session for digestion. Snap away!

something in the teapot? o_O


Mike, HanChin, WoonLee, ChungSeng [standing]
Jacky, ChiPoh, Me, JooLi [sitting]

I shall never eat buffet again for the next 12 months. Hahaha~ Billy, out.
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