Friday, October 10, 2008

Phase 1 Training - On Site

23 September 2008 @ Sri Gombak

I was placed in the Access Network Development Unit [AND] of TM Sri Gombak. They're in charged of planning and implementing the whole telephone network in Malaysia.

There was a technician who need to survey the site before installing the cables. He brought along me and ChiaPoh.

We went to 3 different branches of Hong Leong Bank around the Ampang area.

What they did was basically to see how they can connect the fiber optic cables from the outside to the inside of the bank.

So, we went into the little server rooms behind the bank counters where not authorized people are not allowed to go in.

The pic above shows the server room to put the fiber equipments to be jointed to the cables outside the bank [pic below].

After the survey has been done, the technician will do a report and the installation of the equipemtns and cables will be done.

24 Septemeber 2008 @ Sungai Buloh

On the next day, all the trainees were splited again to follow different teams. Me and Razul followed Haji, who brought us around Sungai Buloh to check the cabinet beside the roads.

He's the only one that drives a Toyota Hilux, others drive kancil or van only...

That's the TM Cabinet [pic above]. Too bad this is locked and he can't do anything about it. We head on to another cabinet.

Haji showed us the inside of the cabinet and explained on the parts. As we're still new to this, there're still a little confusion to which connects to which and which is what.

This [pic above] are some fiber optic wires. Click on it to enlarge.

He drove us to another area as there're reports that the fan inside the cabinet broke down. So he has to check it and report back to his superiors.

When we went back to the exchange [the old TM building], Haji showed us some devices and parts.

The first one [pic below] is used to test the fiber optic cable. The one on the right is the source of light [fiber optics sends light signals] while the one on the left detects the signals.

Then he showed us some little things that join 2 copper cables together. There're various sizes to join different wires.

3 different sizes of joints

I was lucky I get to go out with the technicians so often. It was more interesting to be able visit or survey the sites rather than sitting down doing nothing in the office. Billy, out.


Borneo Falcon said...

Nice field trip and gadgets

Alicoa said...

billy~ u left out 1 thing. the ai ku bao le? :P

leo said...

who is ai ku bao?:p

Alicoa said...

wait billy explain. :P

give u a hint, the fifth picture from the top. got 2 guyz and 1 girl, ai ku bao is 1 of them.

Alicoa said...

i now in cybercafe le~

sleepy a~

Denise said...

haha, staff in TM sit in office really not working lo.

leo said...

alicoa, went cybercafe during work??LOL..u really geng wo!!!

so, u mean the malay gal is ai ku bao?she 'ku' in front of u all?
ish, i wan to know the story la..

Billy said...

[borneo falcon]
It's not a field trip. It's my company training... =\

Haha.. u've been to Menara TM, u can see how they work~~ =P

haha.. I totally forgot about that cry baby... =P

"ai ku bao" is the technician that bring us to the site [the one holding book in 5th pic]

Coz he was advised not to put the blame on others by his senior. His senior keep telling him to be good and do his work right and etc lor.

Then he was like diam diam and wanted to cry already. Alicoa mah call him "Ai Ku Bao" lor.. LOL

Note: Alicoa, correct me if my story is wrong.. haha =P

chuafc2006 said...

cool field trip~~ I like this.

Alicoa said...

Billy >> yes yes yes! Billy explained it. tat guy very sensitive le.. i call him ai ku bao, his tears almost ran out. he was very 激动. tat senior also action, keep on gave him a lot 道理 to 刺激 him.

Woonlee >> ya la. tat day friday the staff dropped me at my housing area, i went to lunch then go cc waited tat staff came to fetch me to other place, he went to bai bai. haha. he said 2pm come pick me. but, i 2pm waited outside cc, and standed for over 40 minutez only he came. si zhu~ i was sleep and have to stand outside the shop to wait him ><"
i nearly fainted liao~ wu~ wu~ have to complain to his boss liao, like tat treat me. =P

Bizmind said...

Hi.. I see that U are training at the TM. Maybe U know about the "own wiring" for the streamyx installation so that there be less disconnections. My friend ask me to apply for the "own wiring" but she said that I need to pay extra Rm300+.. What do you think about this matter?

Billy said...

hi.. Yes I'm now training in TM, but I'm training at the technical side for the past 1 month only.

I'm sorry I can't help you on your query. Maybe you can call up TM Net to help you out. =)

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