Tuesday, October 07, 2008

On Job Training

18 September 2008 @ Sri Gombak

My first day of the 2 months long training period before I start working as a permanent staff in the company. I was allocated at the TM Exchange in Sri Gombak.

Our supervisor gave us a short briefing and one of the technicians [Mr. Najib] took us around the building. First, we went underground to see the cables underneath the manholes you see on the roads.

Each of this huge cables contains 1 to 2400 telephone or Internet lines to cater the people around the Exchange.

Mr. Najib then took us to the Main Distribution Frame Room [MDF].

Each twisted pair you see here [red + orange, blue + white] represents one line. All these are grouped to form the big cable you see in the above pics.

Finally, the technician took us to the Fiber to the Loop Room. It's the coldest room in the whole building, with about 8 air-conditioners. The room has to be air-conditioned so that the equipments won't get overheated.

That's one of the fiber optics equipments.

After the tour, the 8 of us went back to the meeting room and stare at the 4 walls. Then Johan stood up and played a game with us, the Hangman.

Thanks Jo for entertaining us.

We were quite bored till we were told to go to the top floor to see the Local Network Management System [LNMS].

The staffs use this software to plan out the whole telephone network in a specific area, like where the telephone poles should be, manholes, cabinets and etc.

Then this kind lady explained to us the colour codings and how they actually do their work, translating from the plan on paper to the plan in computer.

Then, I saw this huge plan on the table behind this lady and another man was drawing stuffs on it.

I looked for a while and found my house!

The man was actually planning the location for the new fiber optics cabinet for the Highspeed Broadband project. The fiber optics will carry up to 52Mbps of data!

See that red cursor? It's pointing to the location of the new fiber optics cabinet for my house, and it's just 3 blocks away!

Yay! I helped in planning the cabinet location for my house!

Too bad I don't have the power to control the Internet speed to my house, if not..... Hehe... Billy, out.


Borneo Falcon said...

Nice insight. Never seen such thing like this

Yun Yi said...

then control the internet speed to my hse too~~~ hehehehehe~~~~

Julez said...

Hopefully you planned the cabinet WRONGLY so that you can have the "best connection in sg buloh =)

leo said...

u better hope ur supervisor din see this post..haha
y din post up the group photo for all OJT ppl?
i wan to see ler..

Billy said...

[borneo falcon]
yea, me too.. =)

[yun yi]
I want to speed up mine too.. IF only I could.. =P

bad.. bad... julie... oopz.. jooo li~~ =P

I'll post the group photo in the next post.. stay tune~ =P

kenwooi said...

The pictures are great! Nice! =)

admaxpt said...

Mr William MDF BBD location di mana?

Billy said...

Sorry I'm not sure..

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