Friday, October 03, 2008

Muay Thai - Lumpini Stadium

7 June 2008 @ Bangkok, Thailand

It's been a long time since I last write about my graduation trip. Now, I'll continue my updates...

After having Shabu-Shabu in MBK Mall, we walked to the Sky Train and head towards the Lumpini Boxing Stadium. On the way there, we saw this ads for a bra shop. =P

OK.. moving on to the Thai Kickboxing [aka Muay Thai], it has a long history in Thailand and it's the national sport in the country. It's very unique and the sport has been very wide spread around the globe.

So, we were hoping to see some live action in the stadium. To our disappointment, it costs us around RM160 per person to get into the stadium!!

We wanted to watch the match but couldn't afford to pay the price, so we just took the photo of it and left.

On the roadside, you can see people selling colourful boxers and stuffs for the sport.

Since we still have much time, we walked about the Suan-Lum Night Bazaar, which is just nearby to the stadium. It's huge, we bought some souvenirs and head back to the train station before it close.

An aunty suddenly approached us and asked whether we want a massage. We thought for a while and took the 30 minutes reflexology.

It was really relaxing after walking around whole day. The only disappointment was not able to get into the Lumpini Stadium.

When I reach Chiang Mai, the northen Thailand, I think I saw RM20-30 to watch a Muay Thai match. So, I guess the people in Bangkok are just trying to suck blood from the tourists' wallet. Hmmph! Billy, out.

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Alicoa said...

this guy ah~~~~~~~~

when read his blog i feel like want to bang my head on the wall and die in front of him liao~ same age, but he went so many placez.. sad la :(

enjoy life to the fullest.. u did it! Good for u.. not me le.. nvr ajak pun! haha, juz kidding. ^^

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