Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Last Dinner, With CH

20 September 2008 @ The Curve

It was just a couple of days more before ChunHao flew back to UK to continue his studies. [He's already in Leeds now] So, we had this hang out together before he take off.

First, we went to The Curve to help him choose a new pair of spectacles. Then I bought doughnuts.

First time eating doughnuts in Malaysia, I still prefer Krispy Kreme.

Out of the six I bought, I like Alien [top right].

20 September 2008 @ Chef & Brew, Bukit Damansara

After that, we head on to Bukit Damansara to dine at Chef & Brew Restaurant because SiawCheng says that it has a nice ambiance.

We took quite some time to find that place. Luckily that two fellas have me, the only one with good sense of direction in their car. Or else, they'll never reach that place. HAHAHA!

No doubt, the place is nice but there was an ongoing birthday celebration in there which makes the environment a little noisy.

Aunty SiawCheng, Uncle ChunHao and Me

Before the main dish arrive, toast with butter are served.

These are some of the food we ordered.

Apple Juice

Mixed Fruit Juice


Seafood Olio

Fried Calamari

20 September 2008 @ The Cave, SS2, Petaling Jaya

After dinner, we wanted to have third round for a drink and chit chat. Head on to The "Long" [cantonese] aka The Cave known to most people.

It was my first time going in there and I love it. The caves are well designed and I like that each partition has their own privacy.

There is a speaker, a volume control, 3 sockets for your laptops and a buzzer to call for the waitress. Oh not to forget some really comfy pillows on the seats. =)

We ordered some drinks to quench our thirst. ChunHao ordered a fruit tea, which is quite special. Give it a try if you're going to The Cave.

Comfy place... what else can we do? Yup, sleep.

Someone's not closing his eyes leh. Let me help you. =)

We really make ourselves like home. Putting our feet on the wall?!

Well, there wasn't enough space for all 3 of us to lie down on the seat. So we have to curled up a bit of just let our feet wandered to other places.

And thus, it was my last dinner with my dear friend ChunHao for the year 2008.

Wish you all the best in UK ya. Don't drink so much, not good for your kidney though I know you're a good drinker.

Looking forward to see your shadow in Malaysia next year. Erm, more keen to see my souvenir. Hahaha... Billy, out.


deyan said...

i planned to dine at that Lubang with my gf, but we did not enter the place at the end... (no idea what will be served)

so, thanks a lot on ur cave photo and then don't always try to con souvenirs from others :P


CH said...

lol... ur friend asked u dont con souvenirs a!

Billy said...

I heard from people that the food isn't that nice there. But I guess it's a good place to be romantic. =P

I'm not trying to con anyone's souvenirs lar... Hahaha... I want my HK souvenir~~ Where izzit~~

I just look forward to seeing something for me from UK mah. Haha.. It's not con, it's hope. =P

Jessica said...

wah, lately damn happening hor..
when wanna bring me explore to these nice places too?
Been wanting to try 'The Cave' *hint hint* lolz, just jk. :)

take care~shud meet up sometime :P

Alicoa said...

jessica, ask steven bring u go. =P

Billy said...

u always busy one.. =\
yes we should meet up some day lar...
But when?

Haha..yalor.. Jess, ask Steven bring you lar.. It's a couple's cafe~ ^^

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