Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Mouse and A Pig

Received 2 lovely souvenirs from my friends 2 weeks ago...

Item: Mickey Mouse & Postcard
Location: Disneyland, Paris & London, England
By: Eu Hua

Yay! Got another Mickey Mouse from Disneyland! [The first Mickey keychain I got is given by ChunHao]

Made in China? Nothing is not made in China nowadays eh?

Item: Piggie Bookmark & Roasted Seasoned Seaweed
Location: Korea
By: Yun Yi

My first time seeing this kind of bookmark. Quite unique...

Woo-hoo! Now I have a nice bookmark to mark my never-going-to-finish-reading novel! So the bookmark is going to stay there for quite some time.

*woopz, forgot to take the pictures of seaweed*

Anyway, I like all of them very much. Thank you Eu Hua! Thank you Yun Yi! Billy, out.

Note: Hinting to the people in HK, US, India and UK... kekeke~~ =P


Eugene said...

Oei... that book since week 1 in Taiping XD. Belum habis ar? Oh yeah can ask ur pal bring back a donald duck for me XD... just kidding.

Go finish your book lar. I'm also stuck with one now XD

Brukewilliams said...

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Billy said...

Gosh, u read my blog? Hehe...
Yalar, I told u I always get stuck halfway reading a book one.... =(
I really should finish that book quickly... I still have a few new books ler... =\

Eh? What the heck?! o_O
No spam please~ =)

CH said...

send me stuffs from malaysia time to time, and i will send u stuff too XDDDDDD

sabahking said...

the pig is really cute !! i like it so much !!

Yun Yi said...

oh my god~
i think i missed this post
just saw it now

u're welcome~
glad u like the piggy

and make sure u eat the seaweed
don't too sayang and "overkept" it
kakakaka :p

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