Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Phase 1 Training - Complete

29 September 2008 @ TM Sri Gombak

It was the last day in Access Network Development Division before we go for our Raya break. Four of us brought our laptops while the rest played with their own gadgets.

The whole building was quite empty because most of the staffs took leave for Hari Raya. Still, there were some job for us to finish before we can leave the place.

After that, we took photos with each other. See how Johan pose!

I'm glad to get to know the other 7 trainees. They're really nice people but we're separated in the Phase 2 training.

Hilal, Jo, Razul, Me [standing]
Lieza, Diana, ChiaPoh, HanChin [sitting]

29 September 2008 @ Redbox, The Curve

We left a little early than usual and head on to The Curve to meet up with other friends. We went to Redbox for the celebration upon completion of Phase 1 Training! Yay!

We sang whole evening and we took the buffet dinner as well. It was really satisfying.

It was one of the high-est and craziest karaoke sessions I've ever had.

And I've been overeating a lot lately, because of the buffetsssss...

HanChin, JooLi, ChinSeong, Me, WoonLee, ChiaPoh

Great day. Great outing. And seriously, I need a little workout now. Billy, out.


JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

What a good day.
Hard + great outing with your fellow friends =)

Alicoa said...

Johan's pose nice wei~

little workout not enough =P

leo said...

squash squash..haha..
y u so fast update the ktv session?i haven update mine...very lazy to do so...

Billy said...

hard? how hard? Haha..
I had fun though.. =)

haha.. yaya... I need more workout!

My blog very outdated already... kena update faster lor.. =P
U also ganbatte!

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