Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kalare Night Bazaar

14 June 2008 @ Chiang Mai, Thailand

After we came down from the Doi Suthep temple, we bought some snacks at the roadside before boarding our tuk tuk to get back down to town.

First, we saw a stall selling corns. There were 3 last corns left and we bought it all. It's kinda different how they prepare their corns compared to those in Malaysia.

3 cups of corns for them, not me.

Then, we saw this stall selling some sort of sausages and fish balls. It looked really yummy and we bought one stick to get a taste of it.

To our surprise, the "sausage" is actually stuffed with rice. It has a strong pepper smell and the taste is not bad after all!

Then we boarded our tuk tuk and told the driver to drop us at the night bazaar. Before anything else, we went to the nearest public toilet to take a leak, and I saw this...

...a counter collecting 5 Baht per entry and a HUGE LCD Monitor on top of it. I wonder when will Malaysia's public toilet evolve to be like this. Hehe...

We walked around the Kalare Night Bazaar, most shops are selling the same thing; t-shirts, decos, jewelries etc etc... There is where each of us bought a cute Chiang Mai t-shirt.

Well then I saw this sign - Pusat Informasi Pelancongan Islam. Wow, can't believe there are agencies taking care of the welfare of the muslims in Chiang Mai too. Haha... I'm giving free ads to this company.

We walked to the food court for dinner. It has a lot of stalls with all sorts of food you can think of. Food courts as usual, has variery but not quality. The food has nothing much to boast about.

After a while, we heard some music and there were dance performance at the centre of the plaza. I head over to take a look and shot some photographs.

A video of the dance: [warning - boring dance]

Not really satisfied with our dinner. The four of us continue walking around to hunt for more stuffs to munch on.

LeongKee and MinBee bought a crispy pancake each, from this stall. She chose pizza with chocolate flavour while he chose ham with strawberry flavour. Hmm... Both flavours didn't sound very appealing to me.

Ah, don't pretend. I know it's not yummy. Haha!

We walked all the way back to our guesthouse with a lousy map, but luckily managed to scrap our way through.

Then, we discussed with the owner of the guesthouse to arrange transport for us to get to the border of Thailand, because we are going to LAOS! Long journey to Loas though. Billy, out.

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Coldest Trip to Genting

3 May 2009 @ Genting Highlands

WoonLee's dad had a free room at Genting, thus she invited the gang to put a night there. How kind of her.

Wilson Tai Kor, HanChin Kor, Mike, JooLi and Me

The five of us departed from KL, took a bus and cable car to Genting to meet up with WoonLee. Put our stuffs and head out for dinner!

Went to first world to hunt for food and took a stroll outside.

It was a very mysteriously misty night. Wet and cold, freezing cold... I was literally shivering after a while.

JooLi and I went to meet up with Leonie, her best buddy, who's working in Genting. The rest went to casino for a gamble of luck.

The three of us went to Starbucks for a drink and had a very long chat.

Later on, we went to the casino to find the gang and found out that some of them did win some money! Wilson who won the most treated us supper at Old Town. Yay!

After supper, went back to the room. Cleaned up. Watched DOA. Took photos. Sleep.

Wilson Tai Kor, HanChin Kor, WoonLee Jie and Me, the youngest of the bunch

The next morning, we had breakfast at some kind of Hainanese shop. Most of us ordered half boiled eggs and the eggs are not cooked properly. Ended up opening up many raw eggs and getting 2 more for free.

the amount of eggs...

Before packing up and heading back to KL, we walked around and enjoy the cool breeze.

WoonLee, JooLi, Me, Wilson, Mike, HanChin

I had a wonderful time in Genting, breaking away from the hot weather in KL. Thanks to WoonLee jie for the invitation. Thank you, thank you, thank you. (enough?) Billy, out.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Thai Massage & Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep

14 June 2008 @ Chiang Mai, Thailand

After the adventurous and exciting trekking in the jungle, all of us decided to go for a real Thai massage before visiting other places. So we had our guesthouse to arrange transport to this massage parlour while we had our breakfast.

The surrounding of the place is very relaxed and calm. We enquired about the rates and decided to take the 1 hour full body massage, which cost us around 200Baht per person (not too sure about the price)

We changed into a set of very loose t-shirt and pants before the masseurs come in. The whole one hour massage was very painful and torturous but my body felt very relaxed after the session.

A two-hour massage would be much better, but we didn't have that much time and money to spare. Thus, we head for lunch while we wait for the rain to stop before taking a taxi to Doi Suthep.

Taken in Chiang Mai city

Doi Suthep is actually the mountain where Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep sits on. It's 15 km away from Chiang Mai city, and it's way way way up the hill.

Well, to get to the Buddhist temple founded in 1383, we climbed 309 steps to reach the top. Alternatively, one can pay 50Baht for a two-way tram to get to the temple.

The weather was quite cooling and windy at that place, resembles a bit like the weather at Genting Highlands.

Before reaching the top, there were stalls selling souvenirs and local stuff. There were also a few kids dressed up in their traditional clothings awaiting foreigners to take photos with them.

We headed to the top and saw this magnificent temple sitting there. The view from the top was also breath-taking.

A brief history about the temple

The view from up there

There were also a lot of bells lined up around the temple. We couldn't help ourselves but to hit on them.

To get into the compound of the Chedis and Buddha statues, one must not wear shoes and properly dressed. MinBee had to borrow scarf and sarong as she was wearing singlets and very short shorts.

Ta-Da! The aunty look of MinBee

Inside the compound, all we see is gold, gold and gold. The chedi is coated with gold and almost everything inside there are in golden colour.

There's also an Emerald Buddha where many locals pray at.

There wasn't much to see in there as the temple isn't very big. I was just very impressed with how gold-ish the place is.

Cat & Chedi [This cat never move an inch]

We headed down to buy some street food and head back down to the city. Till then. Billy, out.

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