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Bamboo Rafting in Chiang Mai

13 June 2008 @ Chiang Mai, Thailand

It's the last day of our 3-days journey into the deep woods of Chiang Mai. Our final activity is bamboo rafting! Yay!

As usual, we woke up early, around 7am for breakfast. We had eggs and toast! Yummy~

After breakfast, we have to pack all our stuff into our bags, and important stuff to be put into plastic bags. I hope you know why...

Too bad all our cameras are kept tightly inside plastic bags and inside the bag. We didn't managed to take any pictures on the raft! *sobz*

However, I found this photo above that resembles pretty much how our rafting goes. Just imagine one pro (so called River King) manuvering in front and 2 noobies (Me and Kuan) manuver at the back, while others stand in one line in the centre.

Well, it was pretty fun to have a chance to control the bamboo raft. One very malu-fying stuff happen, which I lost my stick when I press to hard into the bottom of the river and couldn't pull it back up. So, I was stick-less for about 15 minutes, before the River King picked up another stick for me.

The whole journey on the river was 3 hours, with a pit stop at a small village.

We arrived at our destination around 1pm. It was raining heavily, all our clothes are soaking wet. Got changed and had beehun for lunch.

Little pondok where we had our lunch

After resting for a while, we left that place around 2pm with a tuk tuk and reach our guesthouse around 3 hours later.

failed SS shot in tuk tuk - Me, LeongKee, MinBee and Kuan

We had a simple dinner for the day. Decided to walk to town's 7-11 and eat cup noodles for dinner. We went on to buy a bottle of beer since it's quite cheap.

We poured the beer into the Coffee cups (like slurpee cups in M'sia) and got ready to drink it. Suddenly, the staff in 7-11 stopped us and told us to buy cups for beer. He threw away the Coffee cups we used.

See this cups without labels?

No choice, we bought a few cups from the shop and drank the beer. Cup noodles and beer, cheap and nice.

It was a really exciting day, full of new experiences. Bamboo rafting is really cool. I'd like to try white water rafting next time though. Hehe... Billy, out.

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eric said...

wow that sounds like an amazing day! Just the right amount of adventure, food, and good times.

The FrogBlogger said...

Sounds great fun, glad you enjoyed your stay in Chiang Mai.. I love living there!

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