Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Burstday, Senior!

25 April 2009 @ Red Box Sunway Pyramid

Went karaoke to celebrate HanChin's birthday. Sang for 8 hours.

MIA: Eugene & Cheryl

This time the colour theme is Red and White. Eugene and Cheryl wore red too but not in pic. Mike didn't get the notice...

Bought a little cake from Starbucks.

Head on to our favourite hang out place, McDonald's to pass him his birthday gift - a steering lock.

27 April 2009 @ Food Garden, The Gardens

His actual date of birthday. Had a simple dinner with TM gang.

Had a larger cake. Made his second birthday wish for 2009.

[top] Mike, WoonLee, Jacky, JooLi, Me
[bottom] Wilson, HanChin, Cheryl, Eugene

Simple and fun celebration.

My posts are having fewer and fewer words, aye? Today is Sunday. Just lazing at home. Hope to do something productive today. Billy, out.


小李 said...

thanks for celebration and the blog bro...
sang k sang till sore throat d haha...

Julez said...

I wonder what he wished for...for all we know, it already came true =)

leo said...

sing k sing k~i also blog about sing k ler..haaa

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