Friday, May 22, 2009

Cyber Fusion 2009

10 - 12 April 2009 @ Multimedia University, Cyberjaya

It's the biggest gaming event I have attended thus far. It's the Cyber Fusion 2009!!

I went to Cyberjaya to visit some of my friends there and took a peek at the grand event (at midnight). There were lots of banners, booths from games publishers and vendors.

The main event of Cyber Fusion is breaking the Guiness World Record for having the Longest LAN Party in the world. The previous record was 36 hours by 203 players in USA.

This time, they attempt to break the record by playing non-stop for 38 hours. In the end, they decided to extend 2 more hours, and 274 players broke 40 hours of non-stop gaming LAN party!

When I went into the grand hall, the players have played for almost 24 hours already. Most of them are still immersed in their own game, while some are yawning away.

Some of the marshalls are my friends, and they're working really hard to make this event a success. Bravo to them!

Looking back at the event, the players brought their own PC to the hall. Some even brought their favourite figurines to accompany them throughout the night.

from another angle

Redbull was kind enough to be one of the sponsors for the event. Every once in a while, the organizers will distribute Redbull energy drink to the participants. Guess it really helps to keep them awake.

While the 200 over players are fighting their way to glory, there were replays of DotA matches, with a commentator commenting about the game! It was my first time experiencing live game commentary. Cool!

Esports Commentary

It was already past midnight when I reach that place. Nothing much left but there were 2 PS3 still available for visitors to play. [There were 8 during the day]

Both PS3 were having the Street Fighter game, which I have not played for a very very long time. I waited a while for my turn to get a hand on PS3. About the result of my game... let's skip it, ok?

I walked around and saw the fixtures for FIFA, DotA and Call of Duty. There were also e-sports tournamnts organized by Game Developers Club (GDC) of MMU as part of the Cyber Fusion 2009.

Not only cybergames were involved, there were also various board games exhibition, card games tournaments and console community gathering.

Besides the gaming part, GDC also has its focus on the game developments. Among the events brought up in were Codeplay2 (game programming competition), Future Games Creation Seminar (FGCS) and Overclocking Showcase.

Later in the night, some gamers start to bring in their own PS3 for the console gathering. There were hundreds of LCD monitors for them to plug in and play with. Some even brought their own drum and guitar (for PS3). Estimate around 50 PS3 were brought in! WOW!

There wasn't much left to see as it was already 3am in the morning. Me and my friends took a quick round again before heading back to their rented apartment.

I'm glad that I managed to witness a couple of hours in the making of a world record, though I may not have the stamina to withstand 40 hours non stop gaming. Good job to all the players for breaking the record! Good job to GDC and thanks to all the sponsors. Billy, out.

MMU Game Developers Club
Cyberfusion 2009 | Multiplay


Julez said...

Blogging at work...Tsk tsk tsk... Haha

Billy said...

what? I have finished my work already one...

Xjion89 said...

wat a cool event!!!
halo, i am bek. long time no c....hehe

kuanzai said...

A Very BIG thumbs up for GDC! I can't believe they made CodePlay2! William, we're ancestor of it :P

萨迦.令狐冲 said...

Wahseh.really such a big event.
T.T too bad im still in oversea now

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