Sunday, September 30, 2007

Farewell, Shu Yun

27 August 2007 @ Old International House

This is the day, the day we've planned for weeks, the day we're going to throw a surprise farewell party for ShuYun, the big sister who has been taking care of us and being so good to us all this while.

It all started around 10pm.. After ShuYun sat down, ordered some fried chicken and pizzas, the lights were turned off and Jacky Cheong's 祝福 were played. Teresa, Pu, ShinKeat, DeYan, ChauLun and I started to sing along. At the same time, we took out our souvenirs for ShuYun one by one, tears started to roll off her cheeks.

ShuYun can't control her emotions while Teresa looked on happily

Well, first of all, we gave her SuHan hand-made card that reads "THX". Inside the card were the wishes from the 5 trainees, a poem and a chinese couplet (对联).

Secondly, a bottle of lucky stars to wish her good luck after she got back to Malaysia.

Finally, a hand-drawn portrait of ShuYun by ShinKeat.

ShuYun and the bunch of crazee trainees

After that, she brought her graduation robes and we took lots of photo together.

AAhhhh!! ShuYun is the leader of "Ajaran Sesat"!!

And I tried it on myself [Can you guess how many people are there hiding behind my back?]

Finally, a group photo!

Goodbye ShuYun, All the best to you back in Malaysia. I'll remember all the good times we had together and keep in touch ya. =P Billy, out.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Duo Graduation

30 August 2007 @ Dongseo University

Congratulations to ShuYun and ErnYu!! Both of them have completed their Masters of Engineering here in DSU.

ErnYu and ShuYun

Black and White gang

All the Malaysians in Dongseo, including 4 who have just arrived not long

Trainees and Graduates

ShinKeat, ChauLun, Erin, ShuYun, ErnYu, DeYan, Me [forming a V]

Another family photo outside UIT building

Praise the "ajaran sesat"~ [Taken near the International Student Centre]

@ the University Park

A photo with Ms Kim, the head of Internation Student Centre

All of us were wearing black, white and red for the photo session... What a coincidence eh? Hehe... Well, here I'd like to wish the both of them all the best back in Malaysia and hopefully we can meet again someday. Billy, out.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Moving Day

22 August 2007 @ Dongseo University

It's been set by Ms. Kim, head of International Student Exchange Center for us [all staying in Ujin Apartment] to move to the newly built 13-storey dormitory. So, me and other Malaysians cooperated to move all the luggages and boxes over the wall [new dormitory is just beside Ujin Apartment].

Me and ShinKeat's room on the night before we move

Packing all the stuffs into carton boxes

Moving day's morning [all packed and ready to move]

ShinKeat and Stanley helping out to carry the things over the wall from Ujin

All our Malaysians stuffs and the entrance to the new dorm

Bye bye Ujin Apartment 107

Hello New International House 601...

Taken from inside the room [the door on the left is toilet]

A small yet well equiped toilet

Shower area and the sink

The night view from my window

The room is quite small compared to the Apartment. But one good thing about it is that it has aircond [but we don't really need it as the weather is getting cool] and everything is NEW! Besides that, there are 6 stoves at the lobby which means I can save some money by cooking ramyeon. Haha.. Overally, it's quite a cozy and comfortable place to stay. Billy, out.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Dinner with Ms. Yoon

20 August 2007 @ Seomyeon

Miss Yoon Sang Mi was my korean tutor when I took korean language as my co-curriculum in MMU. She's came back to Busan, Korea recently because the contract with MMU has ended. Since I'm already in Busan, might as well go meet up with her lor. We met up at Lotte Department Store at 6.30pm to have dinner together.

비빔면 Bibimyeon [our dinner.. yummy ^^]

We went Krispy Kreme after dinner. That's Ms. Yoon with her cup of coffee!

Ms. Yoon and me~

She treated me one dozen of doughnuts. How nice of her.

I really want to thank her for the dinner and the doughnuts. She promised to bring along her boyfriend next time we meet up. Don't know how he'll look like leh. Hehe.. Hope to see you soon Ms. Yoon! Billy, out.

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