Saturday, September 01, 2007

Dinner with Ms. Yoon

20 August 2007 @ Seomyeon

Miss Yoon Sang Mi was my korean tutor when I took korean language as my co-curriculum in MMU. She's came back to Busan, Korea recently because the contract with MMU has ended. Since I'm already in Busan, might as well go meet up with her lor. We met up at Lotte Department Store at 6.30pm to have dinner together.

비빔면 Bibimyeon [our dinner.. yummy ^^]

We went Krispy Kreme after dinner. That's Ms. Yoon with her cup of coffee!

Ms. Yoon and me~

She treated me one dozen of doughnuts. How nice of her.

I really want to thank her for the dinner and the doughnuts. She promised to bring along her boyfriend next time we meet up. Don't know how he'll look like leh. Hehe.. Hope to see you soon Ms. Yoon! Billy, out.

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CH said...

bibimveon looks nice... /_____\

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