Monday, September 10, 2007

Moving Day

22 August 2007 @ Dongseo University

It's been set by Ms. Kim, head of International Student Exchange Center for us [all staying in Ujin Apartment] to move to the newly built 13-storey dormitory. So, me and other Malaysians cooperated to move all the luggages and boxes over the wall [new dormitory is just beside Ujin Apartment].

Me and ShinKeat's room on the night before we move

Packing all the stuffs into carton boxes

Moving day's morning [all packed and ready to move]

ShinKeat and Stanley helping out to carry the things over the wall from Ujin

All our Malaysians stuffs and the entrance to the new dorm

Bye bye Ujin Apartment 107

Hello New International House 601...

Taken from inside the room [the door on the left is toilet]

A small yet well equiped toilet

Shower area and the sink

The night view from my window

The room is quite small compared to the Apartment. But one good thing about it is that it has aircond [but we don't really need it as the weather is getting cool] and everything is NEW! Besides that, there are 6 stoves at the lobby which means I can save some money by cooking ramyeon. Haha.. Overally, it's quite a cozy and comfortable place to stay. Billy, out.

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7018 said...

I like your new room better than the old one XD XD...

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