Thursday, November 27, 2008

Halo Let's Eat Music Festival with Rynn and Sheila Majid

21 November 2008 @ Palm Square, Jaya One, PJ

Halo Cafe is organizing Halo! Let's Eat Music at Palm Square, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya till December. I went there last weekend to watch Rynn Lim Yu Zhong and one of the best Malay singers around - Sheila Majid.

JooLi, WoonLee and ChiaPoh tagged along too!

We reached there quite early, had dinner and grabbed a nice spot near Starbucks Cafe. We each had a drink too... =P

Soon, people are crowding the place and invited guests were settling down at their seats. We, who have no tickets gotta stand beside them.

Anyway, me and WoonLee got ourselves a nice place where nobody is blocking us and we managed to take many photos and videos.

After the MC's gave out prizes to those who managed to answer their questions, Rynn came out!

He kept looking at the other side and we were hoping him to look over here.. "face here, face here" and he did! Phew~ so hard to capture his face lar...

He started the show with one of his fast beat numbers, 维他命C 我加你(Vitamin C I add you) and continue with his other songs, mixture from his old and new albums.

Here's one of the videos recorded: 林宇中 - 改嫁

Up next, the one and only.... SHEILA MAJID! *whistle* She still looks good and sings perfectly well after singing for almost 3 decades!

She performed all-time favourite Lagenda, Antara Anyer Dan Jakarta and Aku Cinta Padamu. Finally, she sang the duet, Melodi with Rynn. The atmosphere was getting really high as the 2 artistes let the audience sing the chorus part.

Here's a video of Sheila Majid singing Lagenda.

On the finale, Rynn invited the composer, 李志清 to sing 靠岸 (lean on shore?) together with him.

For more information on the Music Festival, click on the picture above to view the schedule and singers invited to perform at Jaya One.

I shouted along till I hardly had any voice but we all enjoyed it very very much. For more videos on the festival, check out my youtube collection. Billy, out.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Burstday, Grandpa!

2 November 2008 @ Old Klang Road

After the celebration on Thursday, gathering on Friday, something else on Saturday till Sunday afternoon, I rushed back to my grandparents' place to celebrate my grandpa's 80 years old birthday.

The plan was to eat lunch, drink "tong shui" at home and take some family portraits.

"gather around.. we're going to take some pictures.."

All the grandchildren with grandparents.. and one great-granddaughter

2 November 2008 @ Imperial Palace Restaurant, Puchong

Later in the evening, we went to the Imperial Palace Restaurant for dinner.

I was shocked to see 100 people in there. I didn't know I have that many relatives on my mom's side...

This is the menu for the dinner...

My drinks - chinese tea + red wine

Four Hot and Cold Combination

Shark's fin soup

Roasted Piglet

Steamed Pomfret

Baked Tiger Prawns

Longevity Buns

I missed out some of the food as I was busy taking photos and running around.

the cake

it's huge!

sing a song and cut the cake
[aw.. my grandma holding my grandpa's hand to cut the cake...]

After that, it was YUM SING time with my uncles. All because of my loud voice, I was pulled along to YUM with the people at other tables. =\

Then there was a karaoke time... My beautiful cousin sisters started singing and the atmosphere is building up.

Later on, my granduncle started singing too. My grandpa was forced to sing Tian Mi Mi with him! Ha!

My grandaunt joined the fun and powered the house with her lovely voice.

Everyone was having so much fun and all of them seems to be enjoying themselves very much.

It's a wonderful party and it's been some time since we had a big family gathering like this. Happy Birthday, grandpa! 外公,生日快乐!Wishing you good health and happiness forever and ever. Billy, out.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blogging Awards

I received an award from Jay aka Xjoin89 yesterday. It's the I Love Your Blog award. THANKS Jay!

Few weeks back, I've got myself another award called the Butterfly Award, for the coolest blog I ever know from FookChing. THANKS CFC!

I don't know how butterfly can be linked to cool but who cares? These awards and logo has been circulating around in the blogosphere for quite some time already.

Before this, I've been a little reluctant to put these on my blog because I tried not to put too many things around. It looks kinda messy and I'm afraid people will be jealous of it. Ha!

Accepting these awards also means that you have to pass the award to 7 or 10 other people! If the award is so unique and specially for you, why do you have to pass the same thing to so many people? Then soon, every blog will be the coolest blog or most loving blog!

So, I wrote this special post to show my gratitude to Jay and FookChing for liking my blog.

But for me, I won't be listing out the coolest blogs or best blogs because I like every single blog link listed on the right. [maybe not all but most of them] Each blogger has its own uniqueness and its own style, for whether it's a photo blog, travel blog, crap blog or just telling the story of life.

Hey you reading this, I'm giving your blog these two awards too! But you don't have to put the logo in your blog or even list out other cool blogs. Of course, you can add them in too if you want too.

Like to read a blog doesn't mean you have to show it out by giving out awards. These stufs are just like chain letter, it keeps growing. Support the blogs you like by visiting them frequently and give comments so the blogger knows what the readers think about it.

Wanna thanks all my readers especially those who always gave their sincere comments, though there're not many of them. Terima kasih! 谢谢!Billy, out.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Burstday, Chia Poh!

30 October 2008 @ SS2, PJ

TM Gang is out again!

This time, it's for the birthday celebration of one of our members, Chia Poh! The 7 of us [Jacky and ChungSeng couldn't make it] went to SS2 for dinner at Wai Sik Kai and had the celebration at Leo's Cafe.

Everyone ordered a drink.

Some coffee with peppermint ice-cream

My Love Never End [Mango Snowy]

Mike's Iceberg Phenomena [kiwi flavoured ABC]

The Cake [WoonLee's idea to draw the piggie]

Birthday girl with the cake

Her present!

The gang.

WoonLee, Mike, ChiaPoh, JooLi, Me, AhNier & Eugene

Hope you like the present and hope you enjoy your birthday with us this year! Happy Burstday! Billy, out.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Farewell, Teresa Liew

31 October 2008 @ Jaya One, PJ

She's our big sister in Korea, she's Teresa Liew.

Teresa has just completed her Masters in Dongseo University and is back for a short break before going to Hong Kong for work.

I grabbed this opportunity to call out the seniors and trainees of DSU for a night out. We went to Simply Fusion in Jaya One.

So, we had dinner there while we chat, laugh and keep each other updated.

I quite like the ambience in the restaurant and we got ourselves a quiet little corner to make some noise. Lovely.

On the food part, there are Italian, Western, Japanese, Local and many more. All sorts of drinks were listed in their menu too. I guess that's why they call themselves "Fusion".

Cheese cakes and ice creams for the desserts... Yum~ Yum~

We spent quite some time in the restaurant and decided to rock the night with a little Korean culture - drinking. After walking around Jaya One, we settled in Frontera.

Ordered a pitcher of beer...

...and the beer comes with a mini soccer ball! Jason wants to keep it.

[standing] ShuYun, ShiewWoei, Teresa
[sitting] ShinKeat, Hofun, YuShu, Me

Thanks Teresa for the dinner!
Thanks Jason for the beer!

Wishing all of you the best of luck in the future and a smooth sail at Hong Kong for Teresa. Keep in touch ya! Billy, out

P.S Teresa: Don't forget my souvenirs and promise us to come back with a baby wor.. wahahaha....
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