Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa

4 November 2008 @ GSC, Midvalley

Nuffnang was giving away 50 pair of tickets to watch the premiere of Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa two weeks back. But I found out after more than 100 people applied for it. So, I guessed I'll just give it a shot. No harm, right?

Yesterday morning, I received an email from Nuffnang telling me I get to replace some Nuffnangers who can't make it to the screening. I was so excited and called back to confirm my attendance.

Thus I went with ChiaPoh, after work.

As expected, Alex the lion, Marty the zebra, Melman the giraffe, Gloria the hippo and the 4 penguins took off from Madagascar in hope to reach their "home" - New York.

The journey was joined by King Julien and Maurice [pic below]. He's one hell of a funny guy.

The plane worked well till they're out of fuel and crashed into the land of Africa, Alex's home.

This time around, the producers not only make the movie funny but a little touchy.

What amuses me most was how King Julien was able to convince the Africans to obey him! I like him though, he's funny!

Actually, I didn't enjoy the movie and was thinking to leave halfway because I was having high fever with a headache. Moreover, I think some people are dissatisfied with the seat arrangements as some couples have to sit far apart.

Anyhow, I still thank Nuffnang for inviting me for the movie and sending me the press kit. THANKS!

I like to move it, move it! He likes to move it, move it! She likes to move it, move it! We like to.. MOVE IT with Madagascar 2! Billy, out.

Note: Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa will start screening on 7 November 2008


Xjion89 said...

ooo, tat is great tat u got the ticket. Anyway, take care, and go and get some rest.

leo said...

wow..finally update ur blog..tot u abandon ur blog d wor :p
take care alwayz~

Billy said...

thanks, i'm feeling better already. =)

yaya.. i won't abandon my bloggie =D

Jokerath said...

Madagascar Escape 2 Africa it is hot and coolest ever I have just saw the movie. After been waited so long to see it those penguins really can fly. Adventures movie with lot of enthusiasm inside. Melman, King Julien, Maurice, Moto Moto and Zuba are the correctors I loved most. Unbelievable animation work they look real saw the movie at with lot of interest surely it be a biggest ever animation

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