Thursday, November 13, 2008

Phase 3 Training - TM Point

20 October 2008 @ TM Point, Rawang

Here goes my final phase of my training, at TM Point. This time, we're supposed to be the front liners and get connected with the customers directly.

Don't know why, I've been assigned to Rawang again. At first I thought I'll be going to the one in Kepong as it's the nearest to my house.

Working in TM Point in rather interesting. You get to see all sorts of people coming in shooting all kinds of questions where some could possibly be no answers to them.

I'm not alone. My training mates in the same branch are ChiaPoh [again, coz' she stays in Rawang] and Lieza [which I can't understand how she was assigned to Rawang while she stays in Wangsa Maju!].

For the past two weeks, we mostly took charge of the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) Counter.

Our job, to sell phones, to explain the functions of the phones and to persuade customers to get a higher end phone, which we failed miserably. C'mon, who wants to get an expensive phone where they hardly make any calls through fixed line nowadays?

Well, we don't only sell phones but also all sorts of cards. iTalk, Xpax reload card, TM Net prepaid card and credit card. In fact, we sold more of these cards to the phones. People don't buy phones every now and then, if you get what I mean.

Then, I walked around to the back alley and found these!

Loads of spoiled telephones... I wonder why they keep there for, collect dust?

Next, I found a TM neck tie hanging on a door knob. All the male staffs in TM Point are supposed to wear this blue tie everyday. Well, I don't need to because I'm higher ranked. Haha.. perasan....

On the last day, we took photos with all the staffs. Here are the male staffs, who taught us a lot while we're at the CPE counter.

And the female staffs, which most of them are in charge of handling bill payments, complaints and new applications. A very nice bunch of people there.

My training has officially ended on the last day of October. Had a blast time and glad to know all these nice and friendly people throughout the six weeks. Billy, out.


-siawcheng@joanne- said...

how come hor how come hor...u no need wear coat unfair.. n i didnt know tm shops are so nice....=p or mayb i didnt go to those shops before and happens to go to the not so nice shop once...

reanaclaire said...

wah.not bad hor..going to tm for training.. nice place to go...

Billy said...

because.... I'm not a staff there. Hahaha.. Manager also no need wear coat one.
Yea, the environment quite nice. Pay bills also can sit down comfortably to pay one.

haha.. yea... indeed not a bad place.

leo said...

very nice ler, coz still got cp n lieza..i was alone tat time ler:(
but i miss those time, at least it is more interesting than my current job la..

magma3637 said...

yo. been here from blogexplosion. visit mine too (",)y

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about the telephone, since its already broken, can they give it to anyone for free? hehe.

Alicoa said...

I mizz CPE la, 'ham dan' gor gor, zul gor gor, scare-fat-loss-after-taking-photo-with-us jie jie, panda eyez jie jie & etc staffz la~

nvr have fun in working like tat b4. :)

Xjion89 said...

I love the colours there.(^^). Btw, i got the same shirt tat u r wearing. So ngam 1(^^)

Billy said...

yea, I guessed I was lucky to have companions. =)
At least it's more interesting working there lor hor.. =P

why would anybody wants the broken phones leh? =\

hahaha... they're a bunch of nice people. Yea, had fun and missed them too~

haha.. very vibrant colours eh.
I think most people have silimar shirt like mine lor.. =P

Borneo Falcon said...

They should recycled those defective phones

vick said...

hey bro...congrats being a branch manager for tm..anyway, I'm a Tm branch manager in jb and would like to get in touch with you to ask u a couple of questions which is related to our work of course...we just opened up a branch here..will be ready appx 2-3 weeks but i'm already working...give me a call and tell me the pros and cons of working there lah. Add me msn or ym or facebook (msn) (YM/facebook)


siti maryam said...

Jz want to know.. is it they sell keyphone at tmpoint?

siti maryam said...

Jz want to know.. is it they sell keyphone at tmpoint?

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