Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Burstday, Grandpa!

2 November 2008 @ Old Klang Road

After the celebration on Thursday, gathering on Friday, something else on Saturday till Sunday afternoon, I rushed back to my grandparents' place to celebrate my grandpa's 80 years old birthday.

The plan was to eat lunch, drink "tong shui" at home and take some family portraits.

"gather around.. we're going to take some pictures.."

All the grandchildren with grandparents.. and one great-granddaughter

2 November 2008 @ Imperial Palace Restaurant, Puchong

Later in the evening, we went to the Imperial Palace Restaurant for dinner.

I was shocked to see 100 people in there. I didn't know I have that many relatives on my mom's side...

This is the menu for the dinner...

My drinks - chinese tea + red wine

Four Hot and Cold Combination

Shark's fin soup

Roasted Piglet

Steamed Pomfret

Baked Tiger Prawns

Longevity Buns

I missed out some of the food as I was busy taking photos and running around.

the cake

it's huge!

sing a song and cut the cake
[aw.. my grandma holding my grandpa's hand to cut the cake...]

After that, it was YUM SING time with my uncles. All because of my loud voice, I was pulled along to YUM with the people at other tables. =\

Then there was a karaoke time... My beautiful cousin sisters started singing and the atmosphere is building up.

Later on, my granduncle started singing too. My grandpa was forced to sing Tian Mi Mi with him! Ha!

My grandaunt joined the fun and powered the house with her lovely voice.

Everyone was having so much fun and all of them seems to be enjoying themselves very much.

It's a wonderful party and it's been some time since we had a big family gathering like this. Happy Birthday, grandpa! 外公,生日快乐!Wishing you good health and happiness forever and ever. Billy, out.


leo said...

really busy hor, from thurs to sunday..btw, wat is the "something else" from sat to sun a?haha..

u got a lot of relativesss~~~haa..

happy belated birthday to ur grandpa too~

-siawcheng@joanne- said...

what is that 'something else'?? hahaha....

the egg looks so BIGGG....but actually that small only....

Why u didn't go and sing along? sing ur korean song or ur jay chou song...???? where's the 'fan-pan' artist i knew? =p

chuafc2006 said...

i like ur grandpa's cake! lol..
maybe like we're 80 years old we also get those type of cakes from our sons/daughters :p

by the way, Happy Birthday to your grandpa!!

Borneo Falcon said...

The food looks good. Your grandpa still looks good at the age of 80.

生番薯 said...

wah~~~such a happy family!!!

Billy said...

That something else is a secret... Hahahaha...

-refer above-
What egg?? You mean the hard boiled egg in the tong shui?
If I sing, all people faint already no need eat. Food wasted.

haha.. thank you thank you~

[borneo falcon]
indeed he still looks healthy at his age.. =)

yea.. I can see the togetherness among my relatives lor... =P

-siawcheng@joanne- said...

why canot tell one meh??? close also cannot tell fren u adi.....=p

all the food wasted good la..u can tapao all....=)

it reminds me of my granny 80th birthday too..her cake also like tat huge but got the 80 words de...=)

renaye said...

my mum has made that tong sui before but i don't really like it because i don't really like lily bulbs. but it gives me good night sleep. and am i seeing things? the egg is like 1/3 of the bowl?

Billy said...

aiya.. it's secret..
hahahaha.. =P

wow.. got the 80 word there ah..
I think put 80 candles lagi syok~ =P

why?? it taste nice mah..
especially the egg ^^
yup, the egg is very the big.. hahaha *yummiez* =P

Evan Johnson said...

All that food looks amazing, I like the pigs head.

- Evan

Christ said...

Like to eat all of it

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