Thursday, November 27, 2008

Halo Let's Eat Music Festival with Rynn and Sheila Majid

21 November 2008 @ Palm Square, Jaya One, PJ

Halo Cafe is organizing Halo! Let's Eat Music at Palm Square, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya till December. I went there last weekend to watch Rynn Lim Yu Zhong and one of the best Malay singers around - Sheila Majid.

JooLi, WoonLee and ChiaPoh tagged along too!

We reached there quite early, had dinner and grabbed a nice spot near Starbucks Cafe. We each had a drink too... =P

Soon, people are crowding the place and invited guests were settling down at their seats. We, who have no tickets gotta stand beside them.

Anyway, me and WoonLee got ourselves a nice place where nobody is blocking us and we managed to take many photos and videos.

After the MC's gave out prizes to those who managed to answer their questions, Rynn came out!

He kept looking at the other side and we were hoping him to look over here.. "face here, face here" and he did! Phew~ so hard to capture his face lar...

He started the show with one of his fast beat numbers, 维他命C 我加你(Vitamin C I add you) and continue with his other songs, mixture from his old and new albums.

Here's one of the videos recorded: 林宇中 - 改嫁

Up next, the one and only.... SHEILA MAJID! *whistle* She still looks good and sings perfectly well after singing for almost 3 decades!

She performed all-time favourite Lagenda, Antara Anyer Dan Jakarta and Aku Cinta Padamu. Finally, she sang the duet, Melodi with Rynn. The atmosphere was getting really high as the 2 artistes let the audience sing the chorus part.

Here's a video of Sheila Majid singing Lagenda.

On the finale, Rynn invited the composer, 李志清 to sing 靠岸 (lean on shore?) together with him.

For more information on the Music Festival, click on the picture above to view the schedule and singers invited to perform at Jaya One.

I shouted along till I hardly had any voice but we all enjoyed it very very much. For more videos on the festival, check out my youtube collection. Billy, out.


Yun Yi said...

you is manyak veli bad
didn't ajak punya

Billy said...

sorry lar..
It was kinda last minute...
Next time... next time ajak u along k =)

JeromeFo 令狐冲 said...

Wish i could be there -_-"

Yun Yi said...

u say wan ha~

*smile back*

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