Sunday, November 09, 2008

Reunion with My Friends

18 October 2008 @ Kepong

It was a long long day, started with badminton session with my friends and friends of my friends in the morning. Then we celebrated a friend's friend's birthday nearby.

Went home to bathe and change to go to Seleena's Raya Open House. It was my first time to visit a friend's Raya Open House though.

SooAnn, Seleena, Me

Nice yummy food she served but I couldn't eat much. Thanks Seleena for inviting me ya!

18 October 2008 @ Seo Gung, SS2, PJ

Right after that, I drove to SS2 to have a gathering with my UTAR friends.

So, we had Korean BBQ...

...wrapped with lettuce...

...and lots of side dishes.

Guys - Me, BoonYew, Loh, Eric, JJ, Phuah

Girls - ?? [i forgot], Carmen, ShenWei, ChuiYen, SeowHooi, HuiPing

After dinner, we went to Jaya One's Halo Cafe, but it's full. So, we went to Old Town instead.

My camera ran out of battery as soon as we reach Old Town, so I have to rely on ChuiYen's camera after that. She's also the white coffee model of the day! =P

Drink, drink, chat, chat, snap, snap, laugh, laugh, and it's time to go home.

Everyone's working at different places now. Some even work outside of Malaysia.

It'll be hard to get everyone around to gather once again. Really appreciated that I was called for this gathering. Take care everyone! Billy, out.

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TNH said...

wow..never try the korean style bbq restorent..must be fun...

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