Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Ham Sap Lunch

9 June 2008 @ Bangkok, Thailand

It was our last day in Bangkok before we took off to the northen part of Thailand - Chiang Mai. We had breakfast at a local shop near our guesthouse.

Fried Rice with Chicken/ Pork

Fried Noodles (Dry)

Fried Noodles (Wet)

Iced Tea

After breakfast, we went back to pack our stuffs. Checked out of the guesthouse but stayed there to use the computer.

We have to pay RM9 for each hour used per computer. We spent quite a sum on that, for transfering photos, updating blogs and checking emails.

On the first day we step foot in Bangkok, we saw this restaurant with a unique name - Yum Saap. We decided to give it a go on the very last day, our last meal in Bangkok.

In the menu, I saw 干炒妈妈 (Fried Mama Noodles with Specialty Sauce). Direct translation would be Dry Fried Mother. Haha!

Out of curiousity, I selected this dish to see how fried mom taste like. And it turned out quite good, similar to the "Lam Yu" taste.

Fried "Mom" Noodles

Crispy Morning Glory Spicy Salad

The salad that MinBee picked was pretty good, crispy with a little spicy. Then Kuan chose Tum Yum Kung, the must-try dish if you ever drop by Thailand. It was SPICY, no joke!

Tum Yum Kung (Seafood)

Deep Fried Fish Cake

LeongKee picked a simple, non-spicy side dish. And of course, we ordered iced drinks to put out the fire on our tongues and throats.

The Tom Yam really made all of us cry, but the meal was really satisfying.

On why I put my title "Hap Sap", because MinBee keep calling the shop "Ham Sap" restaurant instead of Yum Saap. Ham Sap, Yum Saap... same lah~

Kuan, MinBee, LeongKee and Me

We stayed at the restaurant for quite some time because our train to Chiang Mai departs around 7.30pm.

We bought some snacks and drinks at the nearby supermarket in MBK Mall before taking a bus to the train station. Along the way, till the train station, I saw many Digi supporters! LOL! Billy, out.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Chinese Moo Moo Year

25 January 2009 @ My Home

It was Chinese New Year Eve. I'm sure most of the houses are cleaned up and decorated with red and golden ornaments to welcome the year of Ox.

Greetings cards are not very popular nowadays. But to keep the tradition going, I still send out cards to my close relatives; and vice versa.

Some families would have lion dances at their houses and play firecrackers. In my house, there're only two mini lions my mom bought.

Just like any other Chinese families in the world, I had a sumptuous reunion dinner on the very last day of Rat. For as far as I remembered, every year I'll have my dinner with my parents, brothers and the youngest uncle, who is still a bachelor.

白斩鸡 (White Cut Chicken?) - a must

My mom would prepare all the food for the night, and all of them taste great!

Ginger Duck - something new for this year

Vege with shrimps - ah, some greens...

腊味 (preserved food)

Steamed Fish - 年年有余 (year year got "fish" abundance)

Chicken Soup - Smooth sail in everything (in hakka)

50 percent of the dishes were added the "smelly-vege" aka Yin Sai and all they bring out the aroma of the food. Mmmmm...

I guess smelly-vege-haters won't be able to enjoy this meal if they were invited. Haha!

26 January 2009 @ My Home

It's the first day of Chinese New Year! Usually on the first day, my family and relatives will eat vegetarian.

My uncles, aunts and cousins from my dad's side will come to my house to have dinner together. Here's what my mom prepared for the day.

Mixed Vege - a must have on every Chinese New Year

Mushrooms and Abalone - 包发啊!(sure rich ah!)

White Tofu

Fried "Shrimps" - It's actually fried cauliflower coated with flour [Nice!]

Hou Si Fatt Choy - Good things happen and get rich
[what's with getting rich in every dish? lolz]

"Mutton" Curry

Vege Soup - No meat used to boil the soup but still taste very good

My mom's the best cook the in the world. Her dishes never fail to open up everyone's appetite.

To my surprise, 90% of the food were finished up, after 2 rounds of eating. I'm really glad that there isn't much leftovers coz there won't be enough space in the refrigerator to store them.

With all these eating... I'm getting fatt-er and fatt-er everyday. Well, I wish you who is reading this here as fatt as me lah! Billy, out.

Happy Chinese New Year!
May the Year of Ox Bring Us Health, Wealth and Prosperity!

*sigh* more eating later for 开年...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cards For Me!

Towards the end of December 2008 till early January 2009, I've received the most cards in my life.

First card I received is from LihJiun, my friend from primary to secondary school. It was a Christmas card.

Subsequently, I got another 2 postcards from her from Brisbane and Byron Bay, Australia. She went there for vacation during the holidays and how nice of her to send me the postcards!

On 27 December 2008, I got a call from a courier guy asking me whether I was at home to collect a parcel. I was out that time and my brother received the package on behalf of me.

To my surprise, it was a birthday card and 2 CD's from WoonLee, a good friend who is working in the same company as me. She sent this stuffs all the way from Muar, Johor!

Further down the south, Singapore, my buddies, Kuan and MinBee sent me another card. Although it was a few days late, but I was surprise to get a card from them too.

The next card I got is a postcard thousands of miles away from KL. ChunHao sent me this while he travelled to Vienna, Austria for holidays.

My dad thought it was his card at first because he wrote "To: Uncle Diong!". Then he realized it was for me because there's a "Happy Birthday!" at the end.

So sad people calling me uncle now...

Last but not least, a card that has been dumped at her home for 2 months. Finally it's in my hands now. From SiawCheng, a hand-made Birthday Card + a bar of Kit Kat!

another person calling me uncle..

I'm really really grateful to all the card senders, especially those who remembered my birthday though they're far away.

Thank you! Thank you! Millions of Thank you!!

*sobz* so touched... =P Billy, out.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Thai Dinner & Fruity Ice Monster

8 June 2008 @ Bangkok, Thailand

Siam Square is one of the most happening area in Bangkok, with a couple of Shopping Malls nearby and plenty of shops on the streets. We took a taxi from Chinatown to this place for dinner, our last dinner in Bangkok.

We walked around and finally settled at this shop, Som Tam Restaurant.

There were many people waiting outside, we also put our names there to the queue list.

Some people waited till fell asleep
[but she's just pretending!]

We ordered our food while waiting and we finally get to sit inside the restaurant after waiting 30 minutes... Here's what we've ordered.

Fried Thai Rice Flour Noodles - Fried noodles with lots of meat floss on top.

Fried Chicken Wings - The only dish which is not spicy

Northeast Style Spicy Soup with Pork Bone - The spiciest dish. It makes your mouth spits fire when you eat this after consuming the papaya salad.

The famous dish Som Tam a.k.a Papaya Mixed Salad - Sourish spicy dish that opens up your appetite

2 plates of white rice to go with the food

4 cups of iced water - fire extinguisher

Kuan, MinBee, Me and LeongKee

After dinner, we walked back to our guesthouse. On the way, we saw this - Ice Monster. We were curious to see many people inside there.

We went in and bought 2 big bowl of icy desserts - Kiwi Ice and Banana Chocolate Cream Ice. *Slurpz*

Both were very nice though the Kiwi tasted a little too sour for me.

Ice Monster - a new way of eating. Yummy yummy dessert after eating so many spicy stuffs.

MinBee, Kuan, LeongKee and Me fighting to get a bite on the ice

It was our final night at Bangkok. We headed back to our room for a good rest before departing to Chiang Mai the next day. Billy, out.

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