Sunday, January 18, 2009

2009 New Year Countdown Carnival

31 December 2008 @ One Utama

It was the last day of 2008. We planned to go to One Utama because there's a carnival and several artistes were invited to perform there. The one we wanted to catch a glimpse on most is Justin Lo.

We reached there early to hang out first. We went to play bowling.

When we were playing half way... I saw someone with a walkie talkie sitting at the lane next to us.

I was curious, so I looked around and I saw JUSTIN (侧田)!! He booked the lane next to us to play bowling. Literally, I was playing bowling with him. Hahaha...

Then, my dear friend, WoonLee, asked him whether we can take a photo with him. He said yes and we immediately took out the camera and snapped pictures together.

Justin and Me

After bowling, we met up with VenYu for dinner.

The gals [VenYu, WoonLee, JooLi]

The Guys [Mike, Me]

Had dinner at Wong Kok Restaurant.

Then I realized many people were wearing a yellow wristband, some of them even with yellow balloons.

So, we went out and saw some people distributing the wristband, and we found out that we need the wristband to get into the countdown carnival.

5 people with 5 yellow wristband

The concert just started when we went in there. We missed those Samba Dancers, Percussionists and Fire Eaters.

But we still get to take some pictures with the Masquerade Artists! Their costumes were pretty cool.

The environment was full of yellow stuffs. That's because Digi was one of the major sponsors for the event. They even have one session for Digi Superstars performance and appearance of the Digi Yellowman.

While the crowd is building up, we managed to grab some glow in the dark sticks, Digi crown and Digi big hands.

The emcees for the night are the Deejays from 988 and Red FM. I know none of them cause I don't really listen to these stations although both are in my preset frequencies in my car.

After a while, the emcees asked the people to make a wish for the New Year and let go of their balloons. The actual reason was so that there will not be any balloons blocking the audiences' view at the back.

There were lots of freebies giving away also! They keep throwing stuffs at us, one of the things actually hit my head and bounced off. In the end, I didn't get any of those freebies. =(

Continuously, there were singers performing their songs. Even the 988 deejays sang their very own Chinese New Year songs!

Among the famous ones are Jym 庄靖毅 (MyFM DJ), Suki (Winner of One in a Million), Kay 郭晓薇 (Project Superstar), Gary 叶俊岑 and etc.

saw someone pointing the middle finger using the Digi Huge Hand when during the performance of one of the artistes.

While the people were singing, we took photos. Weren't really paying attention to the performances as we were only anticipating Justin Lo.

Eddie and LeongKee [my ex-housemates] join in the fun.

Mike, VenYu, me, JooLi

When the Emcees introduces the next performer comes from Hong Kong. The bunch of us shouted "Justin! Justin!" and a girl came to the stage. Paiseh-nyer~~

Casey 谢文雅 from Hong Kong

After the performance from Casey, it's countdown to 2009. We didn't really get to count as most of us were distracted by the early fireworks display at The Curve, which can be seen from where we stood.

Without much counting, the fire crackers go shooting up the sky. Well, at least the 15 minutes fireworks were quite enjoyable.

Then, the show ended with performance from Justin. He performed a total of 7 songs! Plus 3 other songs he sang without the music. WOW!

It was a blast. Everyone was very high that night. But I hate those people who squeeze to the front like jello. What to do, we live in an uncivilized world.

Here's one of the videos I recorded that night, Enjoy! Billy, out.

More videos:
侧田 - 未输
侧田 - 三十日
侧田 - 情歌
侧田 - 命硬
侧田 - 决战二世祖


Julez said...

Had a great time at my first new year's countdown (22 years without any countdowns... talk about being lame!!Haha) Thanks for initiating the plan =)

*read woon lee's blog for my comment. Dont want redundancy. hehe*

leo said...

Dear william,
y we always update the same thing at the same time neh?

i know u commented my blog, but sorry i have to reply you when i go back later (sigh this lappie cannot type chinese..)

I know you want to thank me for approaching justin to ask for taking photo permission, haha..
you're welcome la..haha..

I had a great time too~especially..erm..refer jooli's comment at my blog..haha..

wookie, another very long comment..
enjoy ur training:)

Xjion89 said...

Omg, u met Justin that day. SOsoOso lucky. ANyway, long time din visit. hv a nice week (^^)

mclee said...

walao wei... very nice count down eh.. i m so regret that i never join u all.. sob..sob..
now recall back wat i had done..played mah jong during count stupid right??
anyway very interesting blog u have here william, keep it up.. ^ ^

Billy said...

yupz!! Had a really great time that night~ *wink*
You're not the only one there to go countdown after 22 years... lolz

yalar... TENKIU~~!
My training very boring ler.. =(

ya! I think that was the last day of my luck... =(
Hahaha... Wish you pass your exam with flying colours lah! =)

hahaha... as long as you had fun then okay lor... I also don't know how to play mahjong ler... lagi lame ler...
Thanks for the compliment, will try to keep it as alive as possible.
Don't forget your promise in Leo's blog oh~ Hahaha... 11 more months to go. =P

chowhofun said...

omg!!! you saw the real justin!!! and he plays bowling!!! and he is so short!!! omg!!!

Hapi said...

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