Sunday, January 04, 2009

Birthday Blast

23 December 2008 @ Chili's

Had my Pre-birthday celebration at Chili's.

Loved the food. Learnt a lesson too. =P

30 December 2008 @ Manhattan Fish Market, Sunway Pyramid

It was the exact date of my birthday. Went to Pyramid to celebrate with my co-workers.

Seafoods, fish fillet, calamari, shrimps, mussels, chips, rice... Ah, lovely.

The cake and the public singing comes next. Honestly, it was my first time celebrating at a restaurant.

They got me a beautiful chocolate cake, though the decos are not very edible.

Oh, and if you've noticed, I got my hair cut for the big day... after waiting one hour! =.=

My fellow friends asked me to guess my present based on the size of the bag.

With a little hint from Cheryl (She said it's a man's stuff), here're my guess:

1. Boxers/ Underwears (er.. didn't know where that came from)
2. Tie (It's a common gift)
3. Wallet (Another common gift for guys)

Tada! I got a wallet and a belt, in a nice box, which is inside a nice paper bag. Shocked.

Those who came: Cheryl, Mike, JooLi, WoonLee, Me, ChiaPoh
[clockwise, from top left]

30 December 2008 @ My Home

After dinner, I went home to celebrate with my family. My brother bought me another cake.

When I was about to blow out the candles, I received a call from Eddie. Gosh, they were outside of my house waiting for me!

Eddie, LeongKee, Babi [my ex-housemates]

Can't believe they drove all the way from Cyberjaya to my house and they brought a Classic Cheese cake from Secret Recipe. What a big surprise.

Says "Happy Burstday Birthday Imba Lin" *speechless*

Cakes and my friends

2 cakes and me

Thanks to all the people who celebrated with me.
Thanks to all the SMS wishes.
Thanks to all the Facebook wishes.
Thanks to all the calls.

Thank you, 谢谢, 감사합니다, Danke, Grazie to all!!
Malaysia, Germany, Korea, Italy, Singapore, USA, England, Canada, China

Billy, out.


leo said...

wah, i dun know that was ur 1st time celebrate at restaurant..before this?celebrate at home?feel pai seh coz we sang too loud?:p

bcoz of ur new hairstyle, we waited for 1 and a half hour like tat..haha..but wat to do, u r the VIP for that day wat..

i know where the first guess came from.haha..from ur expression u really shocked with dat gift lo.haa

ur ex-housemates so nice, u sure very touching neh..

okie, although ur post is kinda 敷衍,but i commented damn long for this.haa..

wookie, time to sleep, good nite

Modern Princess said...

Happy Birthday!

Mmmm...Yummy looking cakes!

I know the feeling of having lots of cakes... One year I had 5 cakes total. One from my mom, one from my friends, and three from my dad (he went a little over board). It was insane. ;)

Julez said...

Wow... I cant believe we waited so long just so you could go cut your hair! Seriously? I thought you and Mike were joking.But like Woon Lee said la...VIP...what to do~~

Glad we were the first to sing for you in public. No wonder your muka turned so red..some more we werent exactly singing in tune. Hehe. *applause for William's Birthday Choir!*

3 cakes and all Chocolate cakes. Haha. Looks like everyone knew how much you like chocolates...

Billy said...

Before this, usually I'll celebrate at home or my rented apartment with just a few friends.

Thanks for the long comment. Haha.. Happy working~ Hope you don't have Monday Blues.

[modern princess]


It's true lah... Stupid hairdresser so slow... Made me wait for so long...
So sorry for the wait.

*clap clap* for my Birthday Choir~ Haha...

Anyway, there're only TWO chocolate cakes. The last one was a cheese cake. =)

bee lui said...

Woah, unbelievable that babi has long hair now and eddie zai wearing watch. Try to upload my blog in ths week. Let you all see har our face.Hehe.

bee lui said...

sorry is update ,not upload. Many typo recently. Have a nice day.

Borneo Falcon said...

Happy Birthday (belated)

Billy said...

yea, they changed.
Can't wait to see your latest updates... =)

[borneo falcon]
thank you =D

TNH said...

wow..nice to celebrate birthday at Manhattan..i ever went to this restaurant few times..the food do taste good for me

Ju Ann said...

Food looks yummy!! :)

Marlene Affeld said...

Happy Birthday - You are blessed with great and caring friends - that is the best gift of all. Enjoy you year ahead.

Billy said...

haha.. yea the food is nice
this is only my third time in manhattan.. =)

they are indeed! =P

thank you! =D

brother Bear said...

mana family... especially me.. wtf la

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