Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cards For Me!

Towards the end of December 2008 till early January 2009, I've received the most cards in my life.

First card I received is from LihJiun, my friend from primary to secondary school. It was a Christmas card.

Subsequently, I got another 2 postcards from her from Brisbane and Byron Bay, Australia. She went there for vacation during the holidays and how nice of her to send me the postcards!

On 27 December 2008, I got a call from a courier guy asking me whether I was at home to collect a parcel. I was out that time and my brother received the package on behalf of me.

To my surprise, it was a birthday card and 2 CD's from WoonLee, a good friend who is working in the same company as me. She sent this stuffs all the way from Muar, Johor!

Further down the south, Singapore, my buddies, Kuan and MinBee sent me another card. Although it was a few days late, but I was surprise to get a card from them too.

The next card I got is a postcard thousands of miles away from KL. ChunHao sent me this while he travelled to Vienna, Austria for holidays.

My dad thought it was his card at first because he wrote "To: Uncle Diong!". Then he realized it was for me because there's a "Happy Birthday!" at the end.

So sad people calling me uncle now...

Last but not least, a card that has been dumped at her home for 2 months. Finally it's in my hands now. From SiawCheng, a hand-made Birthday Card + a bar of Kit Kat!

another person calling me uncle..

I'm really really grateful to all the card senders, especially those who remembered my birthday though they're far away.

Thank you! Thank you! Millions of Thank you!!

*sobz* so touched... =P Billy, out.


Xjion89 said...

Cool cards!!!!
Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

leo said...

Dear uncle diong,

aiyer y call u uncle?bcoz u look old?haha..

i luv to receive cards..especially post card..meaning that ur frens still remember you no matter where they are..even if they r haven fun out there..

but hor, i long time never receive cards d..haha..

Billy said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you too!

I think they use uncle and aunty to feel closer to feel closer to the person? I don't know... Hahaha..

Yea, I'm glad I have a bunch of friends who still remember me when they're out of Malaysia... *touched* =P

-siawcheng@joanne- said...

Uncle...pls make sure u don 'pian' the stars or else i pian u....very the 3D feel one k....LOL... save nicely...=p

Billy said...

the card is being dumped on my table, for now. Hahaha...
The stars are still in shape but no guarantee in the next couple of months though. *blerk*

-siawcheng@joanne- said...

apa dump on ur table....i use few hours to do one k.....must put NICELY on the table...then one week once go 'kap chan'...hahahahha.....

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