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Thai Dinner & Fruity Ice Monster

8 June 2008 @ Bangkok, Thailand

Siam Square is one of the most happening area in Bangkok, with a couple of Shopping Malls nearby and plenty of shops on the streets. We took a taxi from Chinatown to this place for dinner, our last dinner in Bangkok.

We walked around and finally settled at this shop, Som Tam Restaurant.

There were many people waiting outside, we also put our names there to the queue list.

Some people waited till fell asleep
[but she's just pretending!]

We ordered our food while waiting and we finally get to sit inside the restaurant after waiting 30 minutes... Here's what we've ordered.

Fried Thai Rice Flour Noodles - Fried noodles with lots of meat floss on top.

Fried Chicken Wings - The only dish which is not spicy

Northeast Style Spicy Soup with Pork Bone - The spiciest dish. It makes your mouth spits fire when you eat this after consuming the papaya salad.

The famous dish Som Tam a.k.a Papaya Mixed Salad - Sourish spicy dish that opens up your appetite

2 plates of white rice to go with the food

4 cups of iced water - fire extinguisher

Kuan, MinBee, Me and LeongKee

After dinner, we walked back to our guesthouse. On the way, we saw this - Ice Monster. We were curious to see many people inside there.

We went in and bought 2 big bowl of icy desserts - Kiwi Ice and Banana Chocolate Cream Ice. *Slurpz*

Both were very nice though the Kiwi tasted a little too sour for me.

Ice Monster - a new way of eating. Yummy yummy dessert after eating so many spicy stuffs.

MinBee, Kuan, LeongKee and Me fighting to get a bite on the ice

It was our final night at Bangkok. We headed back to our room for a good rest before departing to Chiang Mai the next day. Billy, out.

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