Monday, November 26, 2007

The Day Before I Fly...

21 October 2007 @ Hospital

Stanley torn ligaments of his ankle and he has to undergo an operation. So, me, DeYan, ChauLun and SingHui decided to pay him a last visit before we go for our vacation. Get well soon, Stanley!

21 October 2007 @ DSU International Student House

ChinNam a.k.a Giomanach [a close friend of DeYan, ShinKeat and ChauLun] reached Busan from Malaysia to join our vacation to Jeju and Seoul. We had dinner together and took him around the campus.

That's Mr. Gio, third from left

After that, I went to look for YuShu and he was playing his ErHu. I was quite excited as it was my first time seeing and touching a real ErHu. Took some photo with it. ^^

YuShu's "wife"

Concentrating to play the ErHu

Borrowed the suit from YuShu so that I won't "siasui" his "wife"

That's how SeongYee play the ErHu! =P

After that, I went to pack my stuffs for the next day! Flying off to Jeju Island early in the morning. Thanks YuShu for letting me play with his ErHu. Billy, out.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

3rd Busan Fireworks Festival

20 October 2007 @ Gwangalli Beach [광안리]

The annual Busan Fireworks Festival started 3 years ago when APEC meeting was held in Busan. Since then, every year, there will be firework show at the Gwangan Grand Bridge while the people can enjoy the spectacular show from the Gwangalli Beach.

This year's theme for the festival is "Busan Sonata", where it uses a mix of fireworks, music and lasers to tell a special story -- "Meeting", "Love", "Parting", "Reunion", and the climax, "Busan Sonata".

We reached the beach around 5pm and it is already packed with people. We got ourselves a strategic place to sit down and chit-chatted while we wait for the fireworks to start at 8pm. It was a very very cold night, with strong winds from the sea. So, we had to wear like as if we were in the snow to keep ourselves warm.

DSU international students [Malaysians, Germans and Chinese]

5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. starts!!

Firecrackers on the Gwangan Grand Bridge

So colourful

It's like snowing under the bridge

The Ending

The firework show starts at 8pm sharp and ended at 8.45pm [45 minutes of non-stop fireworks! Cool~] The fireworks was breathtaking as I have never seen such long and huge fireworks in my life. It was really awesome and I'd say it's worth my 3 hours of waiting in the cold. =P You can watch some of the fireworks videos from here [countdown] and here [bombastic]. Billy, out.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Birthday cum Farewell Party

19 October 2007 @ Old Dormitory, Dongseo University

Right after having dinner with my professors and lab members, I went back to Dongseo University to have a birthday cum farewell party with not only Malaysians but also Germans and Chinese.

Birthday boys [DeYan and ChoonKeat]

Everybody sucking their lollypops

An LCD Projector, a laptop and a speakers... [What are the seniors up to?]

The seniors actually prepared a funny, touching and nostalgic photo slideshow using Flash.. [thanks!]

ShinKeat, DeYan, Me, SuHan and ChauLun and a cake courtesy of the seniors

The heart-shaped ice cream cake with 5 candles for the trainess who will be leaving Korean soon

Each of us were holding a spoon with a scoop of cake and a lit candle on it =P

The Germans gave each of us a customized photo with lots and lots of photos and messeges from them [Thanks to the 5 German girls]

Finally, a group photo with all the Malaysians, Germans and Chinese [our last group shot in Korea]

I had a really great time that night and I'd like to say a BIG Thank You to all of them.. to the person who bought the cake, to the person who did the flash photo slide show, to the person who "stole" the projector, to the person who ordered chicken and pizza, to the person who brought the laptop, to the person who prepared the song and lyrics, to the people who set up the environment, to the people who brought camera and took so many photos and videos and to all the people who attended the party. THANKS!!! Dank der Deutschen!!! 谢谢!!! Billy, out.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Hiking and Farewell with Lab Members

19 October 2007 @ Dongseo University

It was my last day of industrial training in Dongseo University. My lab members and 2 professors [Prof Lee and Prof Shin] planned to go hiking at the hill at the back of the campus. We hike, hike, hike, snap photos, hike more and finally reached one of my lab mate's house, which is also a restaurant.

The trail we hiked

The road is full of beautiful wild flowers

Evening of Busan

Eating fried duck meat at Jung-Hye's house

Me, Seung-Jae and Kyeong-Ran

Seung-Il, Me and Du-Cheol

Du-Cheol, Me, Jung-Hye and her boyfriend [forgot his name =P]

Me, Nam-Seok and Teresa

Finally, took some photos with some of the professors form Computer Graphics and Image Visualization lab.

Professor Lee Byung-Gook [my supervisor] and Me

Me and Professor Lee Jun-Jae [transfered to another University in Daegu]

Professor Shin [the one that sits inside my lab] and Me

It was a wonderful experience work with the Koreans. I have learnt a lot from them especially Professor Lee Byung-Gook. Although I have only got closer with my lab members at the second half of my training, I'll appreciate the friendship with them. Du-Cheol, got chance we play DotA againn ya.. hehehe... Goodbye CGIV lab~~ Billy, out.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Sharma

18 October 2007 @ NaengJeong

It's Sharma's birthday! After my Korean language class at 6pm, me and all my lab members walked to a shop in Naengjeong to eat SamGyeopSal [grilled pork]. We had lots of fun and drank lots of soju.

Birthday boy


Amit [Sharma's best friend, from another lab] and the rest are my lab members

Du-Cheol and Sharma drinking cross-arm-soju

Sharma and my lab members

It was my second samgyeopsal meal of the week... But I still enjoy it anyway. Hehe.. Thanks Sharma for treating us the delicious meal!! Happy Birthday to you! Billy, out.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Farewell Dinner with my Classmates

17 October 2007 @ Gaegeum [개금]

It was our second last Korean language class in Dongseo University. Right after our class, at 6pm, we went to Gaegeum to eat Shabu Shabu! It was our first and last dinner with the korean language teacher, Ms. Jang and my fellow classmates from all over the world.

Together with us are 5 Chinese [Cherry, Sophia, Jessie, ZhaoLiang, YongTai], a Russian [Liliana], an Indonesian [Ifa], 2 Japanese [Saki, Shibata], a Korean [Shibata's friend] and our beloved teacher. Not present at the dinner that night are WeiLu [Chinese], ShinKeat and the Mongolian classmate [Miki].

Shabu Shabu.. yummy~~ ^^

4 trainees with the Korean teacher, Ms. Jang

Shibata [Japanese], Ji-Dong [Korean], Saki [Japanese], Me

Ifa [Indonesian and ZhaoLiang [Chinese]

Group photo with the Chinese

Me and Liliana [Russian]

Rice cake dessert.. bought by our teacher [Thanks Ms Jang!]

We had a wonderful night, with all my classmates. We seldom talk in class but I'm glad that now I know them better. I'm so happy to get to know friends from so many different countries. Hehe.. Hope I can keep in touch with all of them. =P Billy, out.

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